Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Top 5 blog posts

I love looking at the stats on my blog.  It’s really interesting to me to know what people view on my blog, how they get there, how they leave, where they’re from, etc.  I love it.

I decided to review the top 5 blog posts of the year, according to my stats.  I got this idea from my friend Jessica’s blog, except she did the top 11.  My stats don’t show me the top 10 of the year, it goes from monthly to all time, so some of the top 10 are from other years.  Oh well.  Five is enough anyway.

So here are my top 5, most reviewed, blogs for 2011.


5.  To my sweet daughter – My letter to Abbie for her 2nd birthday.  It’ll be fun one day to look back and have a whole bunch of these letters to remember the years gone by.  I’m glad we started this tradition.  Which reminds me, I need to do one for Ben’s birth.


4.  Girls weekend in Vegas -  Seems like this trip was a LONG time ago.  I find it funny that this is in the top 5.  I think people just search for “girls weekend in Vegas” and then decide to look at my blog when it pops up in the search results.


3.  I hate my haircut – This one REALLY cracks me up that it’s in my top 5.  Again, I think random people just google phrases so they can get a good laugh, otherwise why on earth would this one be in the top 5?  Out of all the things I wrote about this year… Really?  By the way, I still hate that haircut.  Thank God my friend Rachel fixed it while I was at home.  I like my haircut MUCH more now!


2.  Postage stamp quilt-along – This one also surprises me, but it’s fun to look back on this.  I really, really miss quilting and I wish I had more time to devote to playing with all the fabric that I have sitting downstairs on the shelf waiting for me.  I really love everything about quilting and I feel so productive when I finish a quilt.  Too bad it takes me MONTHS to finish one quilt.  Someday my kids will be grown up and I’ll have tons of time to devote to quilting, and then I’ll be wishing my kids were still the ages they are now.


1.  This summer’s bucket list – Apparently people like bucket lists.  I, personally, like any kind of list.  I did manage to do most of the things I wanted to do this summer.  There were a few things I didn’t do, and some things I wish had been on the list but weren’t, but overall, I was pretty successful with this.  And if this was a top 10 list, This summer’s bucket list (REVISED) would have been #7 on the list!

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Anonymous said...

It is crazy what people search which takes them to blogs! Recently I saw that someone had searched, "plus sized short haircut" and came to my blog! I didn't know wether to be offended or laugh. It's funny!