Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jamison at 5 months


My little monker (that’s what I usually call him – short for chunky monkey) is 5 months old already.  And he still has the sleep schedule of a month old.  Ugh!  It seems as though the sleep topic is always at the top of my list to write about.  I love to sleep and it seems that all of my babies don’t love to sleep, so I’m going to blame Mark for that.  Jamison is REALLY hit or miss with his sleep and about 98% of the time it’s a miss, which makes for a very tired me.  I cannot get the kid to nap in his crib at all.  I’ve tried almost every day for the past 2 weeks and he’ll be okay for a few minutes (5 tops) and then he’s screaming.  Not just fussing or whining – screaming.  So I try to pat him and give him his paci and it just pisses him off even more and gets him ALL worked out.  As soon as I pick him up, he’s fine… Grrrr.  There have been MANY days lately where I’ll spend more time trying to get him to sleep then he actually sleeps.  Today, for instance, I tried to put him down in his crib.  After 20 mins of trying, that was a no go.  So I tried to put him in his swing.  After another 15 mins of trying, that was a no go.  I held him a while and then decided to nurse him and of course he passes out in a matter of 2 minutes.  So I transfer him to his little bed in our room and timed his nap.  It was 11 mins before he was up screaming again.  <sighs>  I know he’s tired.  He rubs his eyes and yawns a bunch, but no matter how tired he is, he won’t go to sleep laying down flat.  I can get him to sleep in his swing sometimes for naps, if I’m lucky.  If I lay down with him, he’ll zonk out for 2 hours.  The past 2 nights he’s actually slept for a 4-5 hr stretch, which is really nice.  He was waking up about 6-8 times/night before I’d bring him to bed with me around 4-5am and then he’s usually good until at least 7am, sometimes 8am.  But the past 2 nights he’s slept in his own bed until 4am, which has been amazing to get a 5 hr stretch of consecutive sleep.  Hopefully we can make some improvements on his sleep this month and I can move him into his own room next month.  We’ll see!

0M1A2923  0M1A2941

I just switched him to his 6-9 month clothes.  He’s getting really long!  I think he weighs close to 17lbs, or 16.5lbs anyway, but that’s just on our home scale.  He’s still in size 2 diapers, but I think I could move him to size 3.  Last night I didn’t change him in the middle of the night and he soaked through his jammies this morning, so I’m going to start using size 3 at night.

   0M1A29670M1A2955 0M1A2986

He loves watching the dogs and really loves watching the kids.  He can be screaming his head off during the entire wait for Abbie when we get her from school and the second she gets in the car, he’s totally happy and smiling at her.  She’s really good with him.  Ben has been entertaining him lately too.  I’ll put J in his jumper and Ben will roll his cars around in front of him and Jamison loves it!  He laughs and gets all stiff from excitement.  It’s fun to see them all interact.


He’s discovered his feet recently.  He loves to grab on to them and he even sucks on his big toe sometimes when he can get it shoved in his mouth.  He’s rolled over front to back a few times but being on his belly still pisses him off, and he’s getting close to rolling back to front.  Both of my other kiddos were rolling over by this time, but I think they were also not held as much at this age as he is.  He likes to be held but I think I need to put him on the floor more than I have been so he can practice rolling. He’s getting good at reaching and grabbing for things and then putting them in his mouth.  He still doesn’t sit up on his own yet, but he’s getting close.  I don’t have him practice much because we have wood floors and I don’t want him hitting his head.  And I don’t like to leave him on our bed for very long since he can move around some.  Often times he’ll have done a 180 in his little bed and I’m not sure how since it’s pretty narrow.  He’s getting better in his car seat too.  Still cries occasionally but he’s better about being awake and happy in it.  Maybe because it’s cooling off some?

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The little oinker loves his food.  I usually feed him one jar of baby food for lunch and sometimes one for dinner if Mark wants to feed him and he’s awake.  He nurses about 6-8 times a day and gets 5-15oz of formula, depending on our day and schedule.  I *try* to get him a short nap in the morning and then a bigger one in the afternoon and sometimes another short one in the evening, but some days he barely sleeps an hour total for all naps.  We follow his cues for bedtime and he’s typically in bed around 8pm most days.  For as little as he sleeps, he’s generally a pretty happy baby.  We all love him to death!

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