Thursday, August 10, 2017

Josie at 8 months


My little Josie Tosie puddin peas (as I like to call you), you are such a great baby and you’re getting to be such a fun age.  We hit a little bit of a rough patch for a few days where you were super hard to get to sleep and then woke up a few times a night, but soon you were back to your smiley self.  You seriously smile all the time.  And now you do this adorable nose wrinkled grin where you tilt your head back and wrinkle your nose and show your toothless gums.  Although this month you did get your first 2 bottom teeth!!!  A day before you turned 8 months old you got them and now sometimes I can see them in pictures sometimes.  You are gnawing on anything you can get your mouth on lately so I bet more are coming soon.


So you had your 2nd plane trip this month to southern IL for dad’s grandpa’s funeral.  You did really well on the flights, thank God, since we had all the kids with us.  You slept fairly well in all the hotels and houses we stayed in.  And you always do well with everyone around you and being passed around.  You’re pretty social and don’t have any “stranger danger” yet.  However, I was lax about making people wash hands before holding you, so you got sick for the first time.  I kick myself for not enforcing my rules with you with dad’s family, but I didn’t want to come off as “that mom”.  But from now on I don’t really care if I come off as “that mom”.  If it keeps you from getting sick, it’s worth it.  We decided to take you to the ER on a Sunday night because we were flying out on a Tuesday and you were acting like you had an ear infection.  You kept grabbing at your ear and we didn’t want to risk it getting worse and then taking you on a plane ride.    So we took you in and they said you had a slight infection in one year, but that’s it.  We opted to give you your first round of antibiotics to make sure it didn’t get worse.  But getting you to take those meds was next to impossible.  You still aren’t a big fan of anything in your mouth really so it’s been a challenge.


One of our biggest issues this month has been your constipation.  You get SO constipated so easily and you have the hardest time pooping.  We have to help you quite often and you cry and bleed and it’s just horrible.  I asked the ped about it and he said they can’t do anything for you, so we’ve been trying to give you more water and fruits and prune juice and it helps sometimes, but not always.  The antibiotics really helped the most but after you got off of them you went back to being constipated.  It’s not fun.  I give you probiotics and constipation ease in your bottles, but it’s still hard on your system.  Hopefully you grow out of it soon.


You are the happiest little thing ever.  The only issue we sometimes have with you is getting you down for bed.  Sometimes you take a couple tries and a couple hours before you’re out for the night, which can be frustrating when we just want to relax after dealing with kids all day.  But you’re so sweet it’s hard to be too mad.  You are such a little sweetie peas and just love watching all the chaos around you all the time.  No one makes you laugh like Ben does although we’ve been able to get a few belly laughs out of you recently.  You smile constantly, but you rarely full on laugh.  But your newest thing is throwing your head back and wrinkling up your little nose showing all of your gums.  I will be sad when you get those top teeth.  I love your gummy smile right now.


Stop getting older little one.  I love you just the way you are!!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Josie at 7 months


My little Josie toe-sie, you are getting so big!!!  You are still the sweetest, smiliest baby ever and you have cheeks for days.  EVERYONE comments on your cheeks and I spend the majority of my time kissing them.  Between that and your fat hammies – they are the most squeezable things ever.  They’re like my little stress reliever balls.  It’s not wonder you’re not mobile or rolling at all.  I hold you quite a bit and squeeze you all day long.


So you still aren’t rolling all the way over.  You roll on to your sides and that’s about it.  If you’re sitting in the boppy pillow sometimes you can sit yourself back up if you fall into a reclined position.  You bounce like crazy in your bouncer and will put weight on your feet but don’t even attempt walking yet.  You have been a little constipated at times so we’ve backed off the solid foods a little bit.  You’re funny because you are so interested in what we’re eating, but if we try to give you a tiny bite you get this disgusted look on your face and spit it out immediately.  You’re a little better at keeping purees in your mouth, but you don’t love food like the other 3 have.  The ped said not to worry about it too much.  You are sitting up pretty well unassisted and you love to watch everyone around you.  You cry now if someone walks out of the room and leaves you there.



We got you caught up on your shots this month and you weighed around 18.5lbs.  You’re in 6-9 month clothes still but some of them are getting tight.  You drink around 25oz of formula and are still in size 3 diapers.  You love going for walks and I’m starting to put you in the stroller without your car seat and you seem to be super happy that way.  You have been taking a while to get to sleep at night.  I have to make sure you’re REALLY asleep before I put you down otherwise you’re fussing within a few minutes.  Usually you sleep until at least 630 and sometimes 730 if I’m really lucky.  Your naps are still kinda random and you like to nap in your swing.  I need to get you out of that habit because it barely moves with you in it now.  I haven’t gotten you to successfully nap in your pack n play yet, but I would like to get you doing that soon.  Sometimes you will nap on our bed if I lay with you, but I’m afraid you’d decide to roll then and roll off of it.


Overall, you’re the best baby ever.  We all fight over you constantly, and mostly your siblings.  Abbie forever wants to haul you around like you’re her baby doll and the boys fight over you pretty much ever hour they are awake.  If I could freeze you at this age forever, I would!


Monday, July 10, 2017

Valuing relationships

Lately I have really been feeling like I put more value in certain relationships than the other parties do, and it sucks.  There are a few friendships I’ve really been feeling like I put much more value on the friendship than the other people do, and it’s a tough pill to swallow.  More often than not, I feel like I’m the one asking people to do things, or I’m the one keeping in touch with people.  The transient lifestyle of a military spouse really plays in to this.  I know most of the people in this small town have been here for years.  They all know each other and I am the outsider.  Some of them have been very accepting and welcome me in to their already well established circles, but most of them don’t.  And then there’s some that you think welcome you in but really aren’t.  Those ones hurt.  I am hoping and praying that we can grow much deeper roots in NY and that we won’t be the “outsiders” there in a few years.  That we can grow lasting friendships with people that put as much value into the relationship as we do.

(My aunt and uncle did make the trip to CO to see us and it was great to see them.  And my dad was cut off in the group picture.. He was next to Mark.)


But what sucks even more than friendships, is when you feel this vast divide with family.  We recently drove to CO to give my parents our dogs during our move.  We drove 12 hours (not including stops) with 4 kids and 3 dogs.  I asked one of my extended family to drive 4 hrs to see us so they could meet some of our kids and we could meet theirs, but they couldn’t be bothered to drive that far.  That hurts.  I would LOVE for my kids to have cousins that they could play with or see once a year or so, but we’ve never lived near anyone of our relatives that have kids.  We’ll be within driving distance of some of Mark’s cousins once we move so hopefully we can plan some meet ups with them when we live on the other side of the country.  Mark’s family seems to just plan their trips with just them.  They go to Europe together and rent lake houses together and never once suggest that we all meet in the middle to include us, or even invite us to join them in their trips.  Of course we couldn’t go to Europe with them, and we wouldn’t go all the way to where they live with 4 kids, but I feel bad that Mark’s pretty much been ostracized from his own family.  He says it doesn’t bother him and that he has his own family now, but it’s got to be a little weird for him to see them all getting together and going on trips together when he’s never even invited.


My hope is that my kids will try to keep in touch with each other when they are older – that their kids will all be friends and that they’ll be able to see each other more than once or twice a year, if that.  I am thankful for all the opportunities the military has afforded us, and all the friends we have all over the place, but it is hard to not have people physically close to you to develop deep relationships with.  And as soon as you do develop a deep relationship with someone, either you move or they move.  We are looking forward to the guard side of the military for sure.


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Josie at 6 months


Our sweet Josie girl, you are such a joy to have around.  You just sit around and smile most of the time and everyone still comments all the time about what a good baby you are.  And you really are.  Abbie calls you Josie Tosie.  No one makes you laugh like Ben does – he’s the only one that can really get you belly laughing.  And you keep a close eye on J and love to smile at him too.


You are getting much more vocal now.  You are blowing raspberries a lot and shrieking frequently.  You say da’s and ba’s and sometimes ma’s.  Your hands are in your mouth all the time.  You don’t drool a ton, but I think teeth are coming soon.  Still none so far.  You drink about 25-30oz of formula per day, usually in 4-6oz increments.  You don’t have a whole lot of interest in purees still.  Some of them totally disgust you, but you do seem super interested when we’re eating.   You just don’t swallow food well and I’m not sure if it’s because you’re purposefully spitting it out or you’re just messy.  Sometimes you act like you’re trying to suck it off your tongue and in the meantime you get it all back out of your mouth.  I’ve given you some puffs on a tray and you can grab ahold of them fairly well, but not quite get them to your mouth.


You are grabbing things really well now and you grab anything that’s within reach, so we are having to keep things out of your reach sometimes.  You can pass things back and forth between hands sometimes and you’re getting very close to sitting up unassisted.  You can sit up in the boppy pillow pretty well and will entertain yourself with toys for a while.  You actually bounce in the bouncer now.  You still sleep in the swing for naps.  I need to transition you to your pack n play but I’m lazy.  I know you’ll sleep in the swing.  You have been kind of hard to put to bed lately.  You wake up as soon as I put you down and then I have to start all over sometimes.  But you’re sleeping pretty consistently from 9pm –730am (knock on wood).  That is definitely nice.


You went on your first plane ride this month to NY with daddy and me.  You were fairly good, but a bit fussy on the first flight.  I think you got bored and wanted more to look at, and you also like it when we put you down to nap sometimes.  I think you got tired of being held.  But overall, you were really easy to travel with.  And I’m probably just saying that because it was just you and not all four of you guys.  It’s all about perspective.


You’re at my favorite age right now and I wish I could just freeze time!!  We love you sweetie peas!