Sunday, April 23, 2017

Final stretch

To say we are stressed would be a pretty big understatement right now.  Mark and I have been in the mad rush to get this house finished so we can list it May 1.  We only have a couple things to do yet and really one thing to do (baseboards) before I can take pictures of it for the listing.  We have one week to get it done, but looking around it seems like an almost impossible task.  I don’t know how I’m going to declutter this house enough to make it look decent in pictures, or where I’m going to find the time to shuffle everything from one room to the other while I take pictures without swings, and pack and plays, and high chairs and car seats and billions of toys, etc in them.  Just shuffling stuff to take pictures is going to take a solid day, especially if I have the “help” of the kids.  I’ve been paying a sitter to come 1-3 times a week to keep the babies entertained for a few hours a day so I can pack and clean and declutter.  We’ve already taken 3 trailers over to the storage shed, but it doesn’t even look like I’ve made a dent.  This is exhausting.  We were supposed to go to Disneyland this week but we decided to postpone that until after we have the house sold and more time on our hands.

So we’ve decided that once we sell the house we’re going to try to live in our 29’ travel trailer at the famcamp on base between when we close and when we move in early November.  I am already rather nervous about this because this 2700 sq ft house seems too small for all of us sometimes.  I’m not sure how we’re going to cram us with 4 kids into a tiny trailer for MONTHS.  I am not a minimalist and I like my space away from the kids.  When we are in the trailer we tiptoe to the bathroom in the middle of the night and we are confined to our “bedroom”, which is pretty much our bed with a foot on either side of it after we get them in their beds.  It’s going to be an adventure for sure.  And adding to my stress, my parents absolutely refuse to take our weina dogs for a few months while we live in the trailer.  They will take the huge 105lb Golden, but they “don’t like little dogs” and the weinas “won’t fit into their lifestyle”, so they are pretty much screwing us over big time.  I can’t stand their asshole dog either, but if they were having to live in a tiny travel trailer for a few months, we would suck it up and keep him if they asked.  And I would do that for any of my friends as well if I had the space for dogs.  I mean, when we lived in PHX I would watch friends dogs all the time.  It wasn’t for months, no, but I would have if they’d needed it.  My friend in Italy who had a 3 year old and no pets watched my dogs for a month while we were back in the US and I didn’t have to beg her.  It frustrates me that my parents think they’ve already “done their time” as they put it and it’s just way too much to ask them to keep my little dogs for a few months.  They would rather me send them to my friend in IA that has 2 dogs, 3 horses, a 3 year old and twin 5 month olds than keep them.  Apparently she hasn’t “done her time” yet and it would be much more of an inconvenience on my retired parents.  <Insert eye roll here>

And adding to my stress is that I will most likely home school Abbie and Ben for half of the year this coming school year.  I am not a “home schooler” by any stretch of the imagination.  Again, I like my time and space and if I can get my kids out of my hair for a few hours a day, I will.  But I don’t think it’s fair to them to put them in a new school on base in August, home school them Nov-Dec and then put them both into ANOTHER new school in January.  Its too much for one school year.

On top of it all I think I’m getting carpal tunnel or something.  My left wrist on the inside has been hurting or aching quite a bit.  I usually hold my phone with that hand when I’m feeding Josie, so I’m sure that doesn’t help.  Both of my arms/hands have been tingling and numb sometimes, and I think that’s because I have pinched nerves somewhere.  My knees ache every time I try to get up.  My arms and hands usually only fall asleep or tingle when I’m sitting in one place in for a while.  Hopefully it’s just pinched nerves and overuse and not something more serious.

I hope to God life calms down quite a bit after we get this house listed and sold, but when that happens we also get to move all of this into storage ourselves too because the military is fun like that….  So maybe not.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Josie at 3 months



So I am way behind in my blogging as usual.  You are almost 4 months old and I’m just getting around to actually writing your 3 month blog so hopefully I remember everything…  This is more of a picture dump than anything, but I’ll try to remember the specifics.


I moved you up to 3-6 month clothes this month and you’re in size 2 diapers now.  We went for your shots at 3 months and you were 12lbs 13oz, but we didn’t take your height.  You are definitely longer, I’m just not sure how much.  Hopefully we’ll find out at your 4 month appt.  You got hib and PCV shots this month and you weren’t a big fan.  You cried your sad cry which just breaks my heart.


You are getting more vocal and love to babble and talk to us.  We can carry on conversations with you now and you grin all the time.  I’ve gotten a few small laughs out of you too.  Your siblings LOVE helping with you.  Abbie is super great with you.  She loves to get you dressed and change your diapers and will feed you.  Jamison loves to help feed you a bottle too but help is a relative word…  I know I don’t do nearly enough tummy time with you because I never want you on the floor.  I’m afraid you’ll get trampled but kids or dogs or someone.  And I’m afraid you’ll roll off the couch so I don’t put you there much either.  You get held a lot and you strengthen your back muscles that way but you probably won’t roll over until you’re 10 months old since I never put you on the floor.



Having 4 kids has been incredibly tough, but in most aspects, you’re the easiest one right now.  The bigger kids are lacking attention and that’s causing issues, but this is the month where I finally feel a little more in control of having 4 kids.  I can take you and your brothers out and don’t panic and you do pretty well.  I probably prop your bottle WAY too much, but sometimes it’s the only way to feed you and take care of everyone else at the same time.  I only do it when necessary, but I still feel guilty about it.





You still love your baths and you’re getting better in your car seat.  It’s not constant screaming now, just occasional screaming.  I have you mostly sleeping in your own bed for the majority of the night now and sometimes you sleep great and other times you sleep horribly.  Sometimes I can get a decent 6-8 hour stretch out of you and other times you’re up every hour or two.  Usually around 6-7am I bring you to bed with me for that feed and then you stay asleep until 830 which gives me enough time to get everyone else up and fed.  And then I get you up and dressed quickly before we head out the door to drop kids off at school.  We’re getting into a routine and that makes me happy.


By far, the hardest thing for me with you is nursing, or the lack there of, I should say.  You pretty much won’t latch at all anymore and I’ve pretty much given up trying.  I’m still pumping twice a day, but I’m only getting around 8-10 ounces out.  I feel like I should be trying harder to pump more, and I add sessions or power pumps in when I can but it’s really hard.  And I feel a lot of guilt about not being able to nurse you like I did Abbie and Jamison.  I am still terrified of you getting RSV and I feel like the little bit of breastmilk I do give you can help you avoid that, but who knows if that’s true.  Every baby here that I know that’s gotten it has been breastfed so it didn’t help any of them not get it.  I wish I could let go of the guilt of not nursing you, but it’s been very hard and I feel like I’m failing you in that aspect.  Thank God you do great on formula.  My goal is to make it 6 months, but we’ll see.  We have a lot of trips coming up and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to keep pumping through all of those.




For the most part, you are a very relaxed baby.  You are super sweet and if you’re upset you are usually hungry or tired.  We can get you to calm down just by talking to you usually and you flash grins all the time.  Part of me is so excited to see who you’ll turn in to and part of me just wants to keep you little forever.   Time is flying by and we are trying to soak up all these newborn moments with you and I need to get better about blogging about all of them or I’ll forget them all!!




This was my favorite outfit on Abbie and you look mighty cute in it as well.



Happy 3 months, Josie Girl.  We love you!