Thursday, June 15, 2017

Josie at 6 months


Our sweet Josie girl, you are such a joy to have around.  You just sit around and smile most of the time and everyone still comments all the time about what a good baby you are.  And you really are.  Abbie calls you Josie Tosie.  No one makes you laugh like Ben does – he’s the only one that can really get you belly laughing.  And you keep a close eye on J and love to smile at him too.


You are getting much more vocal now.  You are blowing raspberries a lot and shrieking frequently.  You say da’s and ba’s and sometimes ma’s.  Your hands are in your mouth all the time.  You don’t drool a ton, but I think teeth are coming soon.  Still none so far.  You drink about 25-30oz of formula per day, usually in 4-6oz increments.  You don’t have a whole lot of interest in purees still.  Some of them totally disgust you, but you do seem super interested when we’re eating.   You just don’t swallow food well and I’m not sure if it’s because you’re purposefully spitting it out or you’re just messy.  Sometimes you act like you’re trying to suck it off your tongue and in the meantime you get it all back out of your mouth.  I’ve given you some puffs on a tray and you can grab ahold of them fairly well, but not quite get them to your mouth.


You are grabbing things really well now and you grab anything that’s within reach, so we are having to keep things out of your reach sometimes.  You can pass things back and forth between hands sometimes and you’re getting very close to sitting up unassisted.  You can sit up in the boppy pillow pretty well and will entertain yourself with toys for a while.  You actually bounce in the bouncer now.  You still sleep in the swing for naps.  I need to transition you to your pack n play but I’m lazy.  I know you’ll sleep in the swing.  You have been kind of hard to put to bed lately.  You wake up as soon as I put you down and then I have to start all over sometimes.  But you’re sleeping pretty consistently from 9pm –730am (knock on wood).  That is definitely nice.


You went on your first plane ride this month to NY with daddy and me.  You were fairly good, but a bit fussy on the first flight.  I think you got bored and wanted more to look at, and you also like it when we put you down to nap sometimes.  I think you got tired of being held.  But overall, you were really easy to travel with.  And I’m probably just saying that because it was just you and not all four of you guys.  It’s all about perspective.


You’re at my favorite age right now and I wish I could just freeze time!!  We love you sweetie peas!