Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Postage Stamp quilt top DONE!

I finished my postage stamp quilt top last night!  I wasn’t feeling very crafty at the time, but I wanted to work on it some, and before I knew it, it was done!

It went from this:


to this, last night.


I still have to iron it all and then put it together with the backing and batting and then figure out how I want to quilt it.  Again, my seams aren’t anywhere near even, so stitch in the ditch is out of the question.  It looks good from way back here, but up close, you can see how uneven and un-lined up it is.  Again, it was a learning process and it’s only my 3rd quilt top I’ve ever made, so I’m happy with it!



Unknown said...

It's gorgeous. I tip my hat to quilters, especially one doing a stamp quilt. I am very lucky to have one hand stitched by my great grandmother being willed to me by my uncle. You are doing a fabulous job!

Fledgling Techie said...

It looks amazing! Only the crafters notice all the little bits that are "off." :) You did a GREAT job!

Jessica Lynn said...

that looks really, really good! And from what I can see of it, I really like the color scheme. That looks right up my alley (the colors, and the quilt, not making one....I can barely hold a needle). Lovely job!