Thursday, October 12, 2017

Josie at 10 months

My little sweetie peas, you just couldn't be more sweet if you tried!  Your daddy and I (and your big sister and brothers) all marvel at what a little sweet heart you are.  You are such a happy baby for the most part, although lately you've been a little bit crabbier.  You're more aware of your surroundings now, and you get bored if we stay at home (which is currently in the trailer...) all day.  I get it though.  I get bored too and you only have the same 2 bins of toys that you've had for almost 2 months now.  We're all ready for a change.

You still aren't super interested in food.  You like to try little bites of what we're eating, but usually after a few bites you're pretty good.  Unless it's eggs.  You really like eggs.  You're not a big fan of us feeding you anything on a spoon still.  You still like your bottles and have maybe 25ish oz of formula a day, although you won't hold your own bottle yet.  I'm sure that's because we hold it for you all the time.

You are finally starting to crawl a little.  It's not full on crawling, but it's getting up on your hands and knees and then putting your butt down in a different place.  You kind of scoot around which is cute.  You're like my little puppy because you always come over and put your head on my leg and bump me a few times to get me to pick you up.  I love it.  And sometimes you'll grab on to my leg and pull yourself up to your knees.  You still don't like to put a ton of weight on your legs when I try to get you to stand up on your own.  You can, but you try to bounce and that doesn't work very well.

Your sleeping is still fairly good.  This trailer living is rough.  You are only getting one nap a day most days for about an hour, sometimes 2, around noon.  So by 730 you're ready to cash it in, but the big kids aren't even remotely ready to go to sleep.  So you fall asleep and then 15-20 mins later they wake you up and then you got your little cat nap so you're good for the next 2 hours...  It's been rough.  Some nights we haven't gotten you to sleep until after 10pm and you're absolutely inconsolable by then.  It's not fun at all.  But you usually sleep until 6-730am and I give you a bottle and you go back to sleep until 730-8am usually.  We're getting there, slowly but surely.  Luckily you do pretty well sleeping in your pack n play anywhere because this next month you're going to be sleeping in lots of different places.

You say mama a lot now.  I'm fairly certain that was your first word.  You can wave bye bye and you love throwing your chubby little arms up for "so big".  We're working on clapping and some sign language with you and you watch pretty intently when we do it.

You are the joy of the family right now.  Abbie just loves helping with you and is constantly asking us to carrying you everywhere.  Ben is your favorite person and that boy can make you laugh like no one else.  Jamison just wants to be by you because he sees the big kids fighting over you... He's actually a turd to you sometimes and bonks you in the face with toys.  You love copying him though and get excited when he gets excited.  You look up at him so innocently and then he smacks you in the head with a truck...  Poor girl.  But you still trust him and want to be by him.  He's working on being nice to you.  I think he's just jealous since you get some of the attention he wants.  (Story of our life - we deal with that with all over you.)

If I could freeze you at this age right now, I would in a heartbeat!  You love you Josie Peas!