Monday, October 27, 2008

Mansions and migraines

This weekend Mark and I went to OKC to start some Christmas shopping, check out the baby section at Target, and see a movie. (We saw Eagle Eye, with Shia Lebeouf and it was pretty good.) We had some time in between shopping and the movie so we decided to drive around thru some of the rich neighborhoods in the city. Thank God Mark likes to do that too - we have a good time driving around and looking at all the nice houses and dreaming about our future. We were cracking up at how most of the huge, expensive houses had the McCain/Palin signs in their yards, and when you'd get into the "normal" neighborhoods, there would be Obama/Biden signs galore. It was funny how there was a definite shift in political parties depending on the "class" of neighborhood we were in. But anyway, we got some of our shopping done, and looking at the baby stuff made us really excited about this blueberry.

Late Saturday morning I got a headache - migraine actually. I tried taking tylenol for it, but tylenol does absolutely nothing for my migraines. I have prescribed extra strength Ibuprofen for migraines, but you're not supposed to take Ibuprofen when you're pregnant. So I took like 14 tylenol over a 48 hour time frame and I still pretty much had my migraine. This morning on my way to work I had a flat tire, so while I was waiting for Mark to come help me (he takes very good care of me), I called my doctor to see if I could take anything else besides tylenol since I was getting sick of having a headache. They surprisingly asked me to come in for an appt at 1:30 today. It kind of scared me a little because I wasn't expecting them to ask me to come in at all, and I thought maybe they thought something was wrong. I was already a "little" worried because my mom said that she didn't have any headaches at all the whole time she was pregnant and I have it in my mind that my pregnancy is going to be exactly like hers, even though that's obviously not the case. But I thought that because I was having a headache, that maybe that meant something was wrong with the blueberry. So I went to my appt by myself since Mark was flying. My blood pressure was 128/87 - it's high every time I go to the dr. He prescribed me some meds I can take for my migraines (hopefully I won't have to use them much) and then asked if I'd like another ultrasound. Of course I did!! So I got my second ultrasound and it was amazing. I'm pretty bummed that Mark wasn't able to see it, because it was so neat to see. Last time the blueberry was just a little ball. And this time you could see it's head and arms and legs and it was moving all over the place!! It's about 3 cm long and the heart rate was 167 bpm (last time it was 148). I just can't believe how much the little thing has grown in the past 3 weeks. And it was SOO neat to see it moving it's little arms and legs. It's hard to believe that thing is inside me and moving that much and I don't even feel it. I think I could be starting to show a little bit. I had to do the rubberband trick with my pants today for the first time and tight waists on pants are bugging me some. Here's the most recent picture of our blueberry. The head is on the left side and it's little legs are on the right side. And the little white dot that looks like it's on it's belly is it's arm. It was waving it all over the place!

On a different note, my mom told me today my parents are coming to visit us for Thanksgiving and I'm SOO excited! It'll be our first Thanksgiving with family since Mark and I have been together (3 years). In the previous years we've just Thanksgiving by ourselves or with friends, which was fun, but I always associate Thanksgiving with spending time with family, so I'm really excited my parents are coming to see us.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

9weeks1day (worries)

Since I forgot to post this before, I decided to post it now before I forgot. This is the first test I took after I got back home from being with my parents for a week. =)

This week I've been slightly freaking out a bit. Right now, I know more pregnant people than non-pregnant people. Most of them are ahead of me, a few of them are behind me in their pregnancies, but I've been hearing many of them say how they feel SOOO pregnant. ..... That kinda freaks me out because in all honesty, I don't really feel all that pregnant. I seem to be more tired than normal and I'm hungry pretty much all the time, but sometimes I wonder if that's just all in my head. My boobs don't seem to be hurting as much, and I don't get my little cramps as often either. My clothes still all fit, and I know many people who's clothes were getting tight around 7-8 weeks. I'm at 9 weeks, and I haven't noticed a difference. My lower, middle back, like below my tailbone, hurts like heck, pretty much all the time, but I have no clue if that's pregnancy related. I assume it is, but I really don't know. I know I'm mostly worried bc one of my good friends recently had a miscarriage, and I'm scared that I'll have the same. It seems like there's more of a risk now that almost everyone knows for some reason. I'm sure it's all in my head, but I'm a professional worrier, so I've been putting my skills to good use lately.

I've also been worrying about what's going to happen in April and May of next year. Yes, I know that's still half a year away, but as I said, I'm a professional. Mark is done with his training here at Vance on April 1. However, we cannot move until around April 8 because he has to have landing currencies within 45 days of his start date in Phoenix (May 21). If we move around the 8th of April, I'll be around 34 weeks pregnant. I don't want to have to drive in a seperate car from Mark to Phoenix, so we originally were going to try to get a tow dolly or bar so we could tow the Jetta behind the Explorer. (U-Haul and those type places won't rent trailers or dolly's to Fords.) My dad wanted us to get something with brakes though, and even for a used dolly, it's like $800. So luckily my mom has agreed to drive the Jetta for us to Phoenix so I can ride with Mark. It'll be nice to have her there with us anyway bc she can help us find a place to live and maybe even help us get settled in some, depending on how long she can stay. Right now, the plan is to have the movers pack up all our stuff on the 1st of April, and then go home to my parents house the 2nd - 7th of April because my (our) mom(s) want to have a baby shower for us on April 4th. Then my mom can ride back to OK with us and we'll probably stay there for a day or 2 until Mark can get his flight done and then head to AZ after that. That's going to be a LONG time in the car though. It's a good 10-11hrs from my parents house to Enid, and then another 16+ hours from Enid to Phoenix. Ugh. Add a pregnant lady and 2 weina dogs into the mix and that's going to tack on at least another few hours with as many times as we'll have to stop.

I got my flu shot today. Mark got his last week, so hopefully I can avoid the flu this winter. (I had it twice last year, and it was NOT fun.)

Other than that, we went back to Chicago for Dave's wedding last weekend. It was good to see our families and Dave and Amy. It took us 13.5 hrs to get home though, which is not our idea of fun.

One more picture for you. These aren't all pregnancy tests, most of them are ovulation predictor tests.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Catching up on our pregnancy

Since the cat is finally out of the bag with most people, I'll post the few entries I was saving for after everyone found out we're pregnant. Here they are.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So we’ve known we’re pregnant for 4 days now, and it’s still hard to comprehend. I just keep thinking “I’d better not get my hopes up yet, incase something goes wrong”. All last week when I was home, I had a pretty strong feeling that something wasn’t normal. I kept telling my mom that I thought I could be pregnant and she kept saying a probably wasn’t because if I was, I would definitely know. So then I began to doubt myself, and think that maybe I wasn’t pregnant, since I didn’t know for sure. I wanted Mark to be the first person to know, so I didn’t take a home pregnancy test until I got home from my trip. I really had to pee when we were driving back from OKC, but I was holding it so I could take the test when I got home. After I snuck up on the weinas when we got home, I took the test, and it was definitely positive! A little while later than night, I took another one, and it was also positive, so by that time, we were pretty sure I was pregnant. (I’ve taken tests for like the past 6 months and all of them were negative.) Monday afternoon I went to the dr for a blood test and it came back positive also.

We’re REALLY excited about this. I’ll be nervous until we get out of the first trimester though. I’ve heard once you can hear the heartbeat, the odds of having a miscarriage decrease quite a bit. Until then, I’ll probably worry quite a bit about that. I haven’t really “felt” pregnant. I’ve had some minor cramping occasionally, but that’s about it. So far, so good, but then again, I’m only 5 weeks along today. Our due date is May 27 and we’ll be 32 weeks and 2 days when we start our move to Phoenix. Good times! We’ve been trying to get pregnant for 7 months, and I’d gotten it into my head that it was just going to take us years, so I really still don’t believe that we could potentially have a baby in 9 months. Crazy! Mark is very excited. He talks about what life will be like with a baby all the time now. It’s adorable! He’ll start F-16 training 15 days before we’re due though… so we’ll see how that works out!

Monday, October 06, 2008 (6w5d)

Lately I’ve been really tired. I’m ready to go to bed by 9pm every night, but I’m usually wide awake by 7am. (And I get up at LEAST 3 times every night to pee.) Then usually by the afternoon I’m ready for a 1-3 hour nap, although I have yet to take a nap and wake up feeling refreshed. Usually I still feel pretty groggy and half the time, if Mark didn’t wake me up, I’m fairly sure I’d stay asleep until the next morning. It’s not fun being tired all the time, and it’s even more not fun taking naps and feeling even more tired when you wake up than when you laid down. Oh well. I’m sure this LO (little one) will be worth it.
This morning I had my first bout with morning sickness. I didn’t throw up, but I felt pretty crappy all morning. Half the time though, I can’t tell if I’m hungry or queasy. I’m hungry ALL the time. I’m usually snacking or eating about every 2 hours, although I’m trying to eat a lot of fruits and veggies so I don’t gain too much weight. Thankfully, I have the most amazing husband ever, who 100% picks up my slack when I’m not feeling good. This morning he cleaned the entire kitchen, finished 2 loads of laundry, and folded it all and put it all away, and made me lunch. He’s pretty much the best ever, and I cannot WAIT to see him with our baby. I know he’ll be an absolutely AMAZING dad. I just wish I was further along! Time seems to be dragging on, ever since we found out we were pregnant! If I was like 14 weeks along, and showing, and felt pregnant, it would be fun (and hopefully all the morning sickness would over by then too!)

October 10, 2008 (7w2d)

So I'm a HUGE wuss when it comes to doctors appointments. I have MAJOR white coat syndrome. I had my first ob appt today at 10:20 and all morning I literally felt like I was going to throw up. I couldn't fall asleep last night and when I finally did, I couldn't stay asleep. I was also really nervous bc I've never had a male ob/gyn, so that was a first for me too.

So I got there and my blood pressure was 158/89 and my heart rate was 105bpm. Geesh. At least now Mark knows I wasn't kidding when I said I was REALLY nervous. =) We got to see the baby for the first time, and see AND hear the heartbeat, which was 148bpm. I was excited to hear it also bc I didn't think that happened until 12 weeks or after. He estimated the due date to be around May 29 or 30, but he said that we would be able to give us a better estimate at the next appt.

We're really excited now. It seems so much more real now that we actually saw the baby and the heartbeat.

Oh, and they took my blood pressure right before I left and it was 123/83 and my heart rate was down to 82 bpm. =) Our next appt is November 11.