Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More fabric

I never thought that I would be the type of person who could spend hours looking at fabric, but lo and behold, I am.  Although looking online isn’t NEARLY as much fun as being able to touch and feel it, I have to settle for online shopping for now since I’m not around any quilting fabric shops.  And I get giddy as a little school girl when I get this stuff in the mail.  People probably think I’m nuts as I tear open my packages at the post office and admire my new purchases.
While Mark’s been gone, I’ve purchase a bit of fabric….  But I’ve been finishing projects too, so I need to replenish my stash.
Here are my new purchases!  (Okay, not the towels on the very bottom, but everything on top of those!)
The fabric on the very bottom is what I had originally intended to back my postage stamp quilt with, but then I saw the second from the bottom fabric (with the hearts) was on sale, so I decided to get that instead.  The teal/brown fabric in the middle is going to be the binding for my postage stamp quilt and the top two fabrics are going to be the sashing and backing for the baby quilt I’m making.  (More pictures of that later.)
As soon as I saw the Girlie Girl fabric, I knew I had to make quilt for Abbie out of it.  So I’m currently looking for a cute layer cake pattern to make a quilt for her with that fabric.
I love the baby quilt I’m making now.  It’s easy and I think it’ll be really cute when it’s done, so I got a few charm packs to make more baby quilts.  I like that they’re smaller projects and don’t take as much time as a big quilt top.  I’d eventually like to have a little stash of baby quilts made that I can give to friends when they have babies, although by the time I actually get that far, all my friends will have had their babies already…  Anyway, the top is Sugar Pop and the bottom is Hoopla.
Me and My Sister Designs still creates my favorite fabric so I couldn’t resist buying a jelly roll of their Happy fabric.  I love it and can’t wait to create something cute with it!
And Mark, here’s a picture for you of Abbie since I know you’re much more interested in seeing pictures of her than of my fabric.  But I thought you should know what I’m spending your money on.  *grins*

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Roller Coaster said...

I so wish I was crafty! My mom made and sold crafts throughout my childhood, and she tried so hard to get me excited about fabric, but it didn't work. Good for you!

Wife on the RC