Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 Christmas card demographics

I love doing Christmas cards.  This year was a little different because I wasn’t sure if I should wait until after the baby is born, or do them before.  I decided to send Christmas cards out before and then I’ll do birth announcements later on.  I thought I had done the demographics on my blog for my 2010 cards, but I can’t find them anywhere.  I did find the demographics for 2009 though.  I sent out 116 cards in 2009, and I think it was a few more than that last year.  This year I’ve sent out 150 and they’re all officially mailed!

Here’s where they went.

43 of them went to APO addresses here in Italy.  (Most of these are people in our squadron.)  I sent 25 to IL, and 24 to IA. 8 went to CO, 7 went to WI, 5 went to FL, 4 went to OK and 3 went to AZ, IN and VA.  Two went to MO, NC, SC, TX and UT.  And I sent 1 card to CA, GA, MI, NE, MN, NM, NV, SD, TN, and WA.

I also sent one to an APO address in Germany and one to an APO address in Japan.  And then one to Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Vatican City and Italy.  The nice thing about sending mail from an APO address to an APO address is that it’s free!  You don’t need to buy stamps, which saved me quite a bit of money.

So I sent cards to 8 different countries and 24 different states!  Part of the fun being involved with the military is that you end up knowing people from ALL over the place.  I’m going to try to keep track of where I receive them from this year.  I’ve only received one so far, unless you count the one I already got back in the mail that I’d sent…  I’ll have to resend that one.

There are probably few people in this world that love sending out Christmas cards (or any mail) as much as I do.  I get so excited when I get the cards I’ve ordered in the mail and I’m pretty happy with the way the Shutterfly ones turned out.  And I love hanging all the cards and pictures I receive all over my window sills for the holiday season.  I actually keep them all and put them in dated plastic bags.  Hopefully someday I’ll get around to actually organizing them all, but I have a bunch of other stuff to organize first.

Happy mailing and happy receiving to those of you that like Christmas cards as much as I do!


Elsbit said...

I have my cards bought but still have to buy stamps and figure out people's addys. I haven't done them for the past year or two. I need to get cracking!

Julie Danielle said...

That is so cool you have kept track of where they all went. I am not sure I am going to do cards this year. But I am kinda feeling like I should.

Jessica Lynn said...

How fun! I was just thinking that I really need to start updating my list!

Jane said...

I love the stats! That is so cute! I love it. My stats will definitely not be that impressive. lol

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. Although this year I have been slow on sending them out. I usually have them done and sent on December 1st.

Amanda said...

I love cards too!! I'm obsessed.. love this idea to keep track of stats too.. I may have to come up with my own. =)