Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas card demographics

Christmas cards are my thing.  Writing letters in general is my thing.  I love writing letters and sending people pictures of our baby.  I think I do this because I know how much I love to get mail also, so I figure people will enjoy what I send them and if I’m lucky, they’ll write back.  One of my biggest annoyances though, is when people send a card and just sign their name to it.  Yes, I very much appreciate the gesture and the time they took to send a card in the first place, but even a sentence or two is better than nothing.  I want to know what’s going on in their lives and to hear what they have to say.  Yes, I’m picky, I know.  But if my 94 year old grandma can take the time to write me a paragraph or two on the cards she sends me (even if I can’t read half of it or it takes me 30 mins to decipher it), anyone can.

Anyway, on to the original purpose of my post.  My Christmas cards are done!  All 116 of them!  (Although I might send just a few more out.)  This year I thought it’d be fun to take note of where I’m sending them, and here’s what I found.

There are 27 going to Illinois and 22 going to Iowa.  There are 10 staying here in Arizona, 8 going to Wisconsin, 6 going to Florida and 3 going to Oklahoma.  (Those are the 6 states I’ve lived in so far.)  That takes up 65% of my cards.  Here’s where the rest are going to:

1 to SD

2 to TN

1 to MD

2 to NE

1 to WA

3 to MN

1 to VA

2 to NC

2 to NM

1 to UT

1 to MO

1 to CA

5 to CO

2 to OH

1 to NV

1 to MI

3 to IN

1 to SC

1 to VT

1 to MT

and 1 to GA

I have 6 going overseas, with 1 going to Japan, Germany, Italy (Vatican City actually), Belgium, Spain and to an AP address, which is a Navy ship.

So I have cards going to 26 different states, 5 countries and a ship!  Pretty cool!  My list keeps getting bigger and bigger every year too!

If you are a regular reader of this blog and do not get a card from me, PLEASE email me your address if you’d like to be on my Christmas card list.

Happy Holidays!

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