Saturday, December 3, 2011

November 2011 Abbie-isms

**We picked Abbie up from a friend’s house and she was bouncing off the walls.  She got in the car and said, “I’m wound up!!!”.  On the car ride home, she said to Mark, “Daddy, do you want to wind me up when we get home?”.  (I occasionally tell Mark to not wind her up before bed time.  Apparently that didn’t slip by her.)                                                
**Abbie loves bologna and could probably live on the stuff if we let her.  However, she refuses to eat bologna unless you cut a face in it.  (Thank you very much, mom, for starting this wonderful, time consuming tradition.)

**Last night I got home from a squadron function and Abbie came running down the stairs into the garage to greet me.  I said hi to her and she said, “Hi mommy.  I’m so proud of you.”  Occasionally she’ll ask if I’m proud of her, or she’ll tell me one of her stuffed animals is so proud of her.

**At least a couple times a week Abbie will say, “Mommy!!” and I’ll say, “Yes Abbie?” and she’ll say, “I love you.”  It’s pretty sweet and makes me melt every time.
**Abbie and Mark LOVE to play together.  I think little girls need to be “roughed up” as much as little boys do by their daddies, and Abbie is all giggles and shrieks when Mark is wrestling with her.  Now, as soon as Mark walks in the door, Abbie will run up to him and say, “Daddy, do you want to tease me?!”  “Tease” is her code-word for rough house, but it’s amusing to hear her ask him like that.  We’ll also be in the car and she’ll ask him if he wants to tease her when we get home.

**Often times Mark and I will be trying to talk while we think Abbie is entertaining herself.  We’ll be in the kitchen and she’ll be talking with her stuffed animals in the living room.  Yesterday, this was the case, and I asked Mark if he looked in the bucket in the driveway.  (There is a HUGE beetle in there – seriously, the thing is over 2 inches long.)  Abbie and I had seen the beetle earlier and she had said she wanted to show it to daddy.  So I had no sooner asked him if he looked in the bucket and Abbie comes RUNNING over to us yelling that she wants to show daddy the bug.  It truly amazes me how that kid can monitor the airwaves.  She was literally talking with her toys and in a different room, but as soon as I mention the bucket, it triggers something in her brain and all of a sudden she’s part of the conversation.  We’re going to have to be careful about what we talk about when she’s around because she doesn’t miss a thing.
**We’re still working on Abbie not interrupting us when we’re trying to talk, and her waiting her turn.  Sometimes we won’t be talking at all and Abbie will ask out of no where, “Is it my turn now?”  We’ll tell her yes, she can have a turn and then she’ll say, “Uuuhhhhhmmmm” and try to think of something to talk about.  She’s not one for enjoying the silence at all.  Bummer for us…

**Abbie recently learned the word “frustrated”.  She was having some difficulty changing her baby doll’s diaper and she said, “Baby, you are really frustrating me!  I am getting very frustrated with this!”
**In one of Abbie’s favorite “Olivia” episodes, one of the characters says, “I cannot work under these conditions!!” and we have heard Abbie saying that a few times around the house now.

**Jets were taking off as we were walking in to the commissary on base to meet Mark for lunch.  Abbie did her normal excited yells about them and then added, “Goodbye jets!  Have a nice day!” as they were flying off.  I asked her if she thought her daddy was in one of those jets and she said, “No, there are other daddy’s flying those ones.”  Guess she understands that now, after all!
**Abbie and I had lunch with 2 of my friends and I was talking about how they had to break my water with Abbie’s birth.  Abbie picked up on that right away and asked me about it.  I told her they had to break my water to get her to come out.  She contemplated it for a second and then went back to eating.   That night at dinner, out of nowhere Abbie said, “Daddy, they had to break mommy’s waters to get me to come out.”  I think she kinda caught Mark off guard.

**Every time I try to get up from the couch or from sitting on the floor Abbie always asks me if I need help getting up and will RUN over to me to grab my hands to pull me up.  Or she tries to get behind me and push me up.  Such a big help!

**Tonight Abbie came up to me and told me it was time to take her blood sugar.  Ha.  I wish she didn’t even know what that was.


Rachel said...

Your daughter is a genius :) And the cutest little genius i ever met. I miss her being here to hear some of the "abbie-isms" in person!!

Jessica Lynn said...

so adorable!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, I just love these Abbie-isms! They either melt your heart or make you laugh out loud...or both! Soooo cute!! :)