Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goodies and a haircut

Last night my friend Cassy came over for dinner and a movie.  She brought me these beautiful flowers and a bottle of wine.  The wine is Vipre Rosa, or Red Viper, which she thought was fitting since our husbands fly the Viper.  We watched “Secretariat”, which is an excellent move.  I would love to read the book someday.  Horses are such amazing animals.


Today I got my hair cut.  My hair was, when dry and curly, down past the middle of my back.  I love my hair long, and so I went in just wanting a trim.  And then I said 2 inches off, and then I said 3 inches off.  Well I think she ended up taking off closer to 6-7 inches…..  I’m not sure I’ll like it and I can’t tell because she wanted to straighten my hair afterwards so she could finish trimming it.  I think it’s going to be MUCH shorter with it curly because my curls will be bigger now that I don’t have so much extra weight/ length.  Plus she INSISTED on putting layers in the front and making the front a little shorter than the rest of my hair.  I’ve had really bad luck with that in the past, but hopefully she knew what she was doing..  Rachel,  I miss you.  A LOT!  (And not just because you’re the only person I fully trust with my hair.)


I ran some errands after my hair appointment.  I stopped by the Volvo dealership to pick up a brochure on the XC90 and to sit in it again.  I still need to get Mark over there, but he’s always gone or busy.  Last time my dad and I went (and my mom and Abbie).  We know we want to buy one of these before we leave Italy, we’re just not sure when.  They give SUPER good deals on them over here, as in $10000 off MSRP in the States.  So even though we said we never wanted to buy a new car, you can get a new, ordered from the factory, car over here for cheaper than you can get a used one in the States.  It would be foolish to pass up that deal.  Plus we both hate the Passat, which is in the shop, yet again.

And I got pricing on the cruises we’re considering from the Italian travel agent.  I’d heard that you don’t pay for kids on cruises if you book through an agent over here, and that’s kinda true.  You still pay port fees, tips and taxes on them, but not the sailing charges.  So Abbie would be $525 if we booked over here vs. $1000+ if we book online or with an agent in the States.  Decisions, decisions…


I also did a little shopping on base and got the mail.  My sweet husband wrote me a letter, which I read before I even got out of the post office.  I love it that he knows I love to get mail and took the time to buy a card and write me a real letter, even though he’s busy over there.  I LOVE YOU MARK!  And I picked up 2 new nail polishes and some hair stuff.  The nail polish closest to the card is my new favorite kind of polish.  It’s Sally Hansen and I LOVE it!  I have a different color on right now.


Yesterday we ate in Polcenigo with girls from the squadron.  The restaurant had a pond out back with swans, geese and ducks in it.  It was beautiful!IMG_3006

Here’s Abbie and her friend, Luke checking out the ducks and each other.


And here’s a picture I took today of Abbie.  She’s such a goof!



Rachel said...

Oh my goodness!! Yah you definetly got a lot more than a few inches cut off !!! I hope you end up liking it, but i bet it wont be much past youur shoulders when it's curly!! good luck! <3 I miss u too! Wish i could just fly over to italy quick and do your hair for u!

Evan, Courtney, Porter & Eli said...

Monica your hair looks great! And I'm so glad to know another blog to follow :) You do a great job on it!

Roller Coaster said...

I think you're hair looks great! I got a haircut last weekend...bangs. Still undecided.

Visiting from the weekly roundup. Have a great weekend!

Wife on the Roller Coaster

Our Jeremiah 29:11 Life said...

I've never seen you with straight hair! It's cute. I think the shorter length looks good on you!! Very fresh

Heather Lynn said...

Visiting from the roundup!

Your hair looks great! I have really long hair too and am TERRIFIED to cut it. But I do want something new. Also, I want your smokin' hot deals! Things are so expensive here it's ridiculous. Cheaper cars and cruises? Sign me up!!

Nice to meet ya!

LEWilliams said...

My friends over here cruise on MSC because kids under 11 are free. Check them out and USAA sells travel insurance that refunds money if leave is cancelled. I love Volov XC90's...where is the great deal from?

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Fun haircut! So brave! Makes me want to cut my hair.

<3, New Follower