Friday, February 10, 2017

Josie at 2 months


It seems like you’ve been part of our lives for much longer than 2 months.  And that I haven’t been getting much sleep for much longer than 2 months too…  You change every day and it’s fun to watch you grow!





You gave us one good nights sleep so far, where you slept from 830pm to 1am.  That’s the longest stretch yet!  We still don’t have you on any sort of sleep schedule at all and just letting you sleep whenever you want, but I am noticing patterns.  You take a decent nap in the morning and then are up for a little while and then take a 2-4 hour afternoon nap and then another short nap around dinnertime.  We don’t have any set bedtime yet.  Sometimes you’re down around 9.  Sometimes you’re down around 11, but you almost always wake up around 12-1am and then 3am and every hour after that until 8am….  It’s been rough.  Dad took a Friday off recently because I was losing it from lack of consecutive sleep.  I don’t think I’ve slept more than 3 consecutive hours in the past 2 months and it’s catching up to me.


You still don’t really latch on to me very well, so I’ve pretty much given up nursing you.  But it is REALLY important to me that you still get some breast milk, so I am pumping twice a day to get you some of my milk.  It’s been a challenge figuring out when to get my morning pump in with Jamison around, but we have a routine now.  I turn on Sesame Street for him and put him in the pack n play in my bedroom and give him his morning bottle and then you are in your car seat or rock n play right next to me and I can get 15 mins to pump around 10am doing that.  On days I have stuff to do in the morning I try to get up before I have to get J up and pump then.  I get anywhere from 8.5oz to 10oz/day pumped for you.  It’s not a lot and honestly it’s a huge pain to do it, but I’m so worried about you getting RSV or any other crud the big kids bring home, so I am trying to give you whatever antibodies I have to help you.  So far you’ve been pretty healthy (knock on wood) so I’m happy with that.  My goal is to make it to 6 months with pumping for you and I’ll be happy with that.


Your bottles are all over the place and you’re a snacker.  You drink anywhere from 2-5 ounces at a time and there’s no real rhyme or reason to it.  I think you’re drinking around 25oz/day but I haven’t really kept track of it.  You’re gaining weight and you have wet and poopy diapers so that’s my indication you’re getting enough.  Just this month you finally started taking the paci a little bit, which is nice, although you don’t suck on it for long.  I’m just hoping it’ll help in car rides mostly, and at night to keep you occupied.  You’re still in size 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.  You started smiling around 5 weeks and it’s been so much fun.  You get BIG grins and your wrinkle your tiny nose, which is adorable.  And you coo more than any of the other kids have.  Sometimes I can have entire conversations with you as you have a lot to say and will talk for a good 5 minutes straight.  I can’t get enough of that really.  Daddy tries hard to get you to laugh, but he hasn’t succeeded yet.  I think it’s close though!




You like to be walked around the house while facing out.  You are liking your baths more too.  You love watching the big kids and will look for them when you hear them.  You’re getting better at tracking people.  Soon you’ll be running around with the rest of the crazies.  You haven’t noticed the dogs yet.  I guess the people give you enough to look at for now.




I finally got you to sleep off of me by putting you in a blanket on the boppy pillow.  You slept like that for a while.  And for the first time ever around 6 weeks old you fell asleep by yourself in the swing without crying.  I was pretty excited about that as well. You still don’t like your car seat much at all and you aren’t a fan of tummy time.  You can’t pick your head up too well when you’re on your tummy but you’re getting better at holding it up when we hold you.


At your 2 month appointment (around 10 weeks old) you weighed 11lbs 11oz and were just under 24” in length and your head was 14.5”.  So you’re right on track to be long and skinny just like all of your siblings.  We sat you in the bumbo for the first time and you did pretty well in it.  And you are started smiling right around 6 weeks old and now you smile all the time.  In general, you are a pretty happy baby.  We all you our little Sweetie Peas and I think that nick name has suck.  We call you peas for short and since Abbie is Pips and you are Peas it kind of goes together well.  The big kids still LOVE you and Abbie and Ben can’t get enough of you.  Actually none of us can.





I can’t believe you’re already 2 months old!  Time is flying by and you’re getting more and more fun every day!

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