Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jamison at 21 months


Oh my little monker butt, you are QUITE the handful these days.  You are definitely throwing me for a loop now, with your little sister here, but she’s not the difficult one.  You are.  You are really coming in to your own lately, and you know exactly what you want, you just don’t have the words to communicate it yet, which makes for “fun” times…



You still love to snuggle and be held, which is especially challenging when I’m trying to feed Josie and you want to be on my lap too.  Luckily you’re usually pretty good with just sitting next to me and you love to help me hold her bottle when I feed her and that’s pretty cute.  I recently started playing Sesame Street for you and you’re a big fan of that as well.   Anything with music though, you love.  It amazes daddy and me how much you observe everything.  Even when the big kids watch shows, you are really into them too and will sit there for the whole show and watch it, which is amazing considering how young you are!  You love to rough house too, especially with daddy.  And you love to do anything the big kids are doing, which annoys Ben to no end most days.


You’ve been eating and sleeping pretty well lately.  A few times you’ve woken up screaming and holding your hand, which freaks us out, but we think you’re sleeping on it wrong since you tuck your hands under you and it’s falling asleep.  You only do it when you’re sleeping and that’s the only time you’re laying on your hand.  You have a little rash on your side/back that itches but it doesn’t bug you too much.  We’re watching it!  Your appetite comes and goes.  Some days you eat like a horse and other days you barely eat anything.




You are super fun to have around because generally you’re a pretty happy boy.  We are seeing more tantrums from you but that’s because you know what you want but don’t quite know how to ask for it yet, although you’re getting better.  You are good at gesturing for us to come with you or to give you something by either grabbing our hands or opening and closing your little fat hand in a ‘gimme’ gesture, which is adorable.  If there is a picture being taken, you position yourself in it and grin and you grin every time I tell you to smile for the camera.  We really can’t get enough of you and your big cheesy grins.


You love popcorn and you get excited when you see me start to make it and say “pa-con”.  You still love your pacis and you still have 1-2 bottles of milk a day.  You LOVE watching videos on youtube – especially the singing Sesame Street ones or the Sandra Boynton ones.  You love going for walks, except you like to walk and not ride or be carried.  I’m moving you up to size 6 diapers and you’re in size 6 and 7 shoes.  Soon you’ll be moving up to 3T clothes.  Every time we take you to any sort of childcare, the workers there always rave about you.  They tell us what a happy boy you are and how good you are and how fun you are to have around.  We already know these things but it’s fun when others recognize it too.


You are saying more words lately.  A lot of times you’ll say “Josie go” if you want me to put her down so you can sit in my lap.  I pretty much have one of you in my lap (or both of you) all morning.  (You are in my lap right now as I type this.)  You love to be involved in everything.  You give the biggest grins ever and are so enthusiastic.  I like that you still love your snuggles.  You follow Abbie around like a lost puppy.  You still don’t say Ben though which is funny.  You and Ben have a lot hate relationship.  You love following him around and play with whatever he has, but you also fight with him quite a bit.  You weigh almost 28lbs and I can’t remember how tall you are, but you were above the 95% on the growth chart when I checked.  You are by far our thickest kid.  We can’t get enough of your curly hair and your big brown eyes.




You still love baths and you like to put your face in the water.  You will sit still for books, but I think that’s because you just like snuggling, although you’ll look at things with me and point to things.  You are pretty darn happy go lucky and it’s fun for us to watch you grow.  You are definitely my little love bug.  You keep us on our toes for sure, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.



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