Friday, March 3, 2017

Jamison at 22 months



My littlest monker, you are QUITE the handful these days.  You have a very bi-polar personality at this stage and you’re either laughing or screaming, almost non-stop.  Obviously, I prefer the laughing as your laugh is infectious and your screaming is exhausting.  I’m hoping once we give you more words to use, you’ll scream less and laugh more.


You had a tummy bug earlier, probably from licking the ground outside.  You see the dogs doing it, so you do it too and you have zero qualms about sticking your entire face in the dog’s water bowl.  Gross.  But you are happiest when you are outside and you pretty much incessantly bring me your shoes to put on so you can go out back.  I’m feeling a little bit better about not watching you super closely (as in not take my eyes off of you) when you’re out back, but I still don’t have all day, every day to spend outside with you, so that poses a bit of a problem.  Either I listen to you scream and whine and cry because you want to go outside while I try to get things done inside, or I go outside with you and get absolutely nothing done.  Quite the conundrum for sure.  Your screaming/crying/whining gets old, so usually we end up outside.  I’m excited for when we’ll have a much bigger yard for you to toodle around it.  We get invitations to the park all the time, but taking you to the park by myself terrifies me since you have no fear at all of heights and I can’t run around and chase you, while making sure no one takes Josie and keeping my eye on Ben who likes to wander off too.  So we basically need a completely child-proofed park in our back yard so we can go out while Josie naps and Ben is fenced in.  Someday.


You want me to play with you a lot and you grab my hand and lead me to whatever you want to do.  Super cute but hard when I need to get things done.  Sometimes you get really frustrated when we’re playing and I have to get Josie because she’s crying.  Or when I’m holding Josie and you want to be held.  It’s REALLY tough having 2 under 2.  But you are really good with Josie and you never take your frustrations out on her, thank God.  You head-butted her once on accident this month and she cried and you cried because you felt terrible.  You’re a pretty caring little guy.



Your eating is hit or miss right now.  Sometimes you eat really great and other times it’s a huge struggle to even get you in to your high chair.  I never know if I need to worry about your lack of eating occasionally or if it’s just typical toddler stuff.  You are definitely getting more picky and we’re working with you on not throwing your food all over the kitchen when you’ve had enough to eat.  I don’t even know why I bother to clean my kitchen floors as they are usually covered in crap the dogs drag in and food you’ve managed to throw everywhere.  Keep this house even halfway clean is a full time job for sure.


Your sleeping is still fairly good although the days of you taking your marathon 4 hour naps are over.  Usually after about 2 hours you’re up and ready to get up.  You typically go to bed fairly well, although a few times a month, at least, you need us in the middle of the night for something.  Many times you are grabbing your right hand kind of funny and crying/whining while doing it and we think it’s because you sleep with your arms underneath you and your hand or arm is going to sleep and you don’t like that feeling.  You only do it when you’re sleeping so that’s the only thing I can think of.  We usually just rub it or shake it a little bit and put you back in bed and you lay down and go back to sleep.  I’m hoping that’s all it is, but I don’t know why you’d just have issues when you’re sleeping and not when you’re using your arms and hands.  I’m going to mention it to your doctor at your next appointment.



Your vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds right now.  I’ve been trying to get you to say things more instead of just giving you what I know you want and you will try to repeat almost anything I say to you, which is super fun.  I think you are going to be talking much more in the next few months.  You’re starting to put 2 words together now – shoes on, more please, etc- and we’re working a lot on please and thank you.  You like to try to sign please and thank you until I tell you to say it and then you usually will.  You still LOVE your paci, which could be a problem.  You will cry and whine for your paci, especially when you see Josie’s all over the place.  You can open doors now so that’s extra fun (not) and you will go into your room and grab paci’s out of your bed.  You also love your bottles of milk.  If I try to put anything else into your bottle you flip out and you are always asking for a bottle of milk.  We have it down to 2 a day, one in the morning while you watch a show and I pump and one right before bed.  I used to give you bottles every time we’d drive down the mountain so now if we get on the highway and you don’t have a bottle, you’re screaming for one.  It’s amazing how accustomed you get to routine.  You like to watch Sesame Street and Thomas the Train and Blaze.  I try to keep it on PBS stuff for you.



You are my little love bug and you wear me to a frazzle more days than not, but I couldn’t imagine you not being here, keeping me on my toes at all time.  Your big grins and great snuggles are the absolute best!


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