Monday, November 2, 2015

Jamison at 6 months

Our little monker has already been here for 6 months!  That doesn’t seem possible!  I remember spending hours with him in the NICU like it was just yesterday!  He’s not a tiny little 8lb newborn anymore though, that’s for sure.

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I moved him up to size 3 diapers a few weeks ago and they seem to fit him well.  He grunts a lot most of the time like he’s trying to poop, probably due to him eating more solids.  He usually eats at least lunch and dinner with us – has a jar of baby food at each, or oatmeal with fruit or something.  He’s not a fan of meats at all by themselves, but if you mix them with a fruit or veggie, he’ll eat them without gagging.  I’ve been giving him Cheerios sometimes and I give him the mum-mum’s to give him practice getting food in his mouth and he does fairly well with that.  I’ve also given him a sippy cup of water a few times and he likes trying to drink from that, but most of it seems to come right back out of his mouth.  He still nurses 4-8 times a day and has at least 1 bottle before bed.  Sometimes we’ll give him a bottle during the day if we’re out and about and he’s too distracted to nurse well, and a few times I’ve given him one in the middle of the night too.

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He’s rolled front to back a few times more, but still nothing consistent.  He tends to just get mad when you put him on his tummy and I don’t do it all that often because of the kids and dogs running around.  It makes me nervous.  He can sit up pretty well if you hold his hands for balance, but he likes to lean forward and pretty much bend in half and then he gets stuck in that position.  He can pass his paci back and forth between his hands and he grabs at pretty much anything within reach.  He loves his baths still and loves watching the big kids, who fight over him ALL the time…  He loves touching the dogs and watches them pretty closely when they are around him.

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Sleep is still our nemesis.  He is so sporadic in his sleep and I haven’t really gotten him on any sort of schedule yet.  I try to have him take about an hour nap or so in the morning and then a 2ish hour nap in the afternoon and then a 30min to hour nap in the evening, but that’s not happening every day at all.  He fights sleep like crazy most of the time.  Lately he has been sleeping until 2am or sometimes 4am and then I get him up and feed him, but other times he’s up every hour or two all night.  We just got his room mostly done – it at least has a door on it now – so I’m going to move him out of our room and into his own room to see if that helps at all.  I just got him down for his first nap in his crib ever.  It took him crying for about 15-20 mins and me trying to calm him down 5-6 times, but he eventually cashed it in.  We’ll see how long it lasts.  He’s still sleeping in the co-sleeper in our room most of the time, except for the few times Mark put him in his swing and then he slept it that most of the night.  We’re also going to start sleep training him some so he learns to go back to sleep on his own.  Right now he still relies on us to help him go to sleep most of the time.  I’m looking forward to him sleeping 10-12 hours at night and getting on a better nap schedule.

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I’m pretty good at finding things to worry about and I spend a lot of time looking back on what I wrote about Abbie and Ben at these ages.  This month I’m concerned that he’s still not rolling back to front at all, and rarely front to back.  He’s not sitting up on his own yet at all.  He doesn’t babble as much as I think he should.  He makes gurgling noises sometimes and laughs a lot, but no baba,, gaga, mama, etc.  I know Ben started babbling between months 6 and 7 so we’ll see if Jamison starts this month too.


Edit to add:  We had his 6 month appointment today.  He’s 28” long (92%), weighs 17.8lbs (50%) and his head circ. is 17.8 (81%).  I also noticed today after he got his shot and squeaked for half a second that both of his bottom teeth had broken through finally!  And last night he spent his first night in his room in his crib.  Had to go in about 6 times but he stayed there until almost 7am.  Now he’s currently screaming in his crib fighting a nap.  Time to go plug him in again!


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