Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015



We carved our pumpkins a little late this year.  Abbie was all about it, as usual, and Ben wanted nothing to do with sticking his hands in the slimy pumpkins to clean them out.  They are extreme opposites when it comes to that (and many other things).




This year they were a bee, bee keeper and a flower.  I had the bee costume for Jamison already and we just went with it.  The kids had fun and we got quite a few comments about how cute it was that they “matched”.  I might have to keep up this trend in years to come!



Our neighborhood is the “go to” neighborhood to go trick or treating in.  Some of our neighbors go ALL out for Halloween and this year we had right around 1000 kids come by.  We ran out of candy before the night was over, and that was even after we’d taken our own kids trick or treating for the first hour!  Next year we’ll have to get more, I guess, but candy is expensive and I’m not sure I want to spend $300 on candy…  We’ll see.


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