Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bumpdate: 34 weeks


How Far Along? 34 weeks

Size of Baby? At my growth scan last week, he was measuring in the 60 percentile -  about a week ahead – and was roughly 5.5lbs

Maternity Clothes? Of course, although all of my tank tops aren’t maternity – they’re just stretchy and I live in them now.

Weight Gain? Around 16lbs still.  I haven’t really gained any weight in the last few weeks thanks to this great diet…

Stretch Marks/belly button? No change.  I have them.  They’re not going away.  Hopefully I won’t get too many more.

Baby’s Sex? Still a boy.  Still don’t have a name picked out which still annoys me.

Sleep? Sleep is getting harder for me now.  I was thinking that I wouldn’t have issues this pregnancy.  I was wrong.  I have to pee at least once or twice and I wake up multiple times a night because my hips hurt so bad and then I have to try to roll over in bed and rearrange my pillows without getting shooting crotch pains.  It’s fun.  And I’m hotter than hell most of the time too.  And when I do get up to pee I have to wait for my hips to clunk into place before I feel stable enough to walk.  Fun times!

Food Cravings? Yes, a zillion things.  That’s what a restricted diet does to you – makes you crave everything you can’t/shouldn’t have.

Best Moment This Week? Him passing the NST in 20 mins and me not having to sit there for 40 mins hooked to the machine and then having to go to the hospital for another 2 hours to be monitored there…  What a pain!

What I am loving? Feeling him move a lot.  And he gets the hiccups quite frequently.  And he already has hair according to the ultrasound tech!

Movement? Yep… he moves all the time.  And sometimes it hurts because he’s kicking and stretching or something.  He’s running out of room in there for sure.

What I’m looking forward to: Having him.  And being able to eat whatever I want again and not have to worry about spiking my blood sugar or testing 4 times a day or taking meds for it.  5 weeks or less to go!

Other Updates…  His room is all ready for him, although he probably won’t use it before we leave.  With all the commotion with getting our assignment and having to get the house ready to list and figuring all that stuff out, having a baby is about the last thing on my mind, which is a little scary since he’ll be here in less than 5 weeks!  My OB won’t let me go past 39 weeks due to my diabetes so it’ll be here before I know it!!  I’m excited to meet him though!


Amanda said...

Ah! He will be here before too long. Can't believe yall don't have a name. That would make me anxious. Lol.

Amanda said...

Ah! He will be here before too long. Can't believe yall don't have a name. That would make me anxious. Lol.