Friday, October 18, 2013

An evening at Coronado Beach

We had a squadron barbeque/campfire on the beach one of the nights we were in San Diego over Labor Day.  It was a nice night and that beach is always pretty.  Ben liked checking out the girls at the beach.
We ate and then they started a big fire after the sun went down, but we didn’t stay for much of that since the kiddos were ready for bed.
We walked down to the water just as the sun was setting and I could totally kick myself for leaving my camera back by the campfire.  The photos would have been AMAZING, but I had decided to just enjoy the walk and leave my camera behind.  Big mistake.  I won’t be doing that again…
The kids all ran around and played together and had fun.
Here’s a good way to get sand out of a kiddos hair.  =)

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