Saturday, October 19, 2013

La Jolla, CA

One of the days we were in CA, we drove up to La Jolla to check out the beach and see if we could see any sea life.  We saw a few seals and a chipmunk and birds, but that was about it.  I got some pretty good shots though!
See the seals on the rocks and in the water?
I really do love taking photos.  I wish I had more time to mess around with my camera and learn how to edit better, but I have fun with what I do have time for.
I think I could easily live near San Diego, provided we could afford it.  It’s really expensive, but it’s also very pretty.  I love that there is lots of green in the area and the climate is more mild than here in Phoenix.  It was definitely fun to visit.

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Unknown said...

LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!! Brings me back to college...did you know I went to school at UCSD which is in La JOlla? SO many good memories there! :)