Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The San Diego Zoo


Our first day in San Diego, we spent hours at the zoo.  I love the San Diego Zoo and it was Emily’s first experience at an American Zoo.  From what we saw in Europe, the zoo’s in the US are typically better than the zoo’s in Europe, and the San Diego Zoo is probably one of the better ones in the US.


First we rode a tram all over the zoo.  The San Diego Zoo is pretty much one big hill, so it was nice to be able to sit and watch the animals go by.  The day we were there it was HOT.  Not Phoenix hot, but still really hot and humid.  Not ideal, but oh well.


After the tram ride, we checked out the reptile building.  I loved the Gila Monsters.  One of them was pretty photogenic and I had fun taking pictures of him.


Next we went to the kids petting zoo area, which left a little to be desired.  They had some goats to pet, but the rest of the area was kind of vacant.


After lunch, we went and checked out the monkey’s, which Ben loved.  I call him “Monkey” more often than not because he is a little monkey, so he had fun watching them swing around.  I was surprised they were so active in that heat!






I guess I’m at the stage in life where I take more pictures of my kids than the animals at the zoo.


We went and checked out the koala bear exhibit while we were there.  I love looking at the koala’s.  I would love to hold one some day.


Abbie saw this character while we were on the bus and she REALLY wanted to go say hi to him.  She was so cute though because she was running to see him until she got up close and then she wanted to hold someone’s hand as she got close to him.  Then she was fine to take a picture.  Ben wanted NOTHING to do with him though.  He stood a good 20 feet away and was more than happy to scream goodbye to him from that distance.



Another one of my favorites are the polar bears.  This big guy was putting on a show.  I could have sat there and looked at him for a long time.



We did the Skyline before we left the zoo.  We had to go in 2 separate buckets since they only allowed 4 people in one bucket.  We’re not used to being a family of 5 yet!


It was a fun and tiring day at the zoo.  We even ran in to friends of ours that were stationed in Italy with us who now live in Vegas.  So random, but it was fun to see them for a few minutes!!

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