Friday, September 20, 2013

Fort Rosecrans Cemetery


After we had gone to the zoo and grabbed some Noodles & Co for dinner (my favorite!!), we decided to check out Point Loma.  Unfortunately that park at the very end of Point Loma was closed, but we did discover Fort Rosecrans Cemetery, which I had no clue was up there.


We got there just as the sun was setting and anyone into photography knows the best time to take photos is an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset, so we got there at the perfect time!  All of these pictures were taken at the same time of day, I just adjusted the settings on my camera to get different affects and then highlighted those affects in Lightroom.  I truly do love photography.


Fort Rosecrans cemetery is where the old Fort Rosecrans existed.  It was established in 1882 and was made a California historical landmark in 1932.  It was named after William Starke Rosecrans, who was a Union general in the Civil War.  The cemetery is spread out over 77.5 acres and its located on a peninsula so on one side are great views of the Pacific Ocean and on the other side are great views of downtown San Diego.  There are over 101,000 graves here.


I was only able to walk around for a few minutes since Mark was waiting in the car with tired kids, and we all know how fun that is.  So I was rushing around trying to get a few shots.  I read a few of the gravestones I passed and saw ones for babies and ones for retired military, and everything in between.  There were a few people there, standing in the middle of the cemetery looking out over the ocean and watching the sun set.  (You can see one in the first 2 pictures on this post.)  I wondered if they were just enjoying the view, or missing a deceased loved one, or maybe both.


I think being in any cemetery is moving, but especially a military one.  They are such a good reminder if the sacrifices people make for our country.  I couldn’t help but think of our friend, Luc Gruenther, who I know would have gotten some beautiful shots if he had been there.


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