Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Emily’s first chocolate chip cookie experience.


My mom taught Emily how to make chocolate chip cookies while she was visiting.  I grew up eating my moms cookies and I make them now myself sometimes, although they are bad for my waistline for sure…  They’re addicting and really good.  Here is Emily’s first experience with a chocolate chip cookie!



She liked them.  A lot.  Who doesn’t though?  (Actually I do know a few people who don’t.. <Ahem> – Rachel and Donna.  Wierdos. =D )  She also liked my parents Golden Retriever, Maddie, who Abbie calls “the old grey-faced dog”.  She went around saying “She’s such a good old grey-faced dog.” the entire time Maddie was here.  haha!  I want a Golden so bad!  Who wants to get me one for my birthday??  (Dad and Mom???) 



Unknown said...

Hey now, I actually adore chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips! They are my favorite cookie. However I can handle a FEW chips if necessary :)

Elsbit said...

Had she never had a chocolate chip cookie EVER or just not a homemade one??