Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fish Hatchery Fun, part II

While we were visiting my parents, we took the kids to the fish hatchery again.  The first time I was here was before Ben was born in 2011.  Abbie’s favorite part of that visit, which she still talks about today, was feeding the geese.  Now there are signs all over the place to not feed the geese, but there weren’t any geese there to feed this time anyway.


Abbie had fun picking up the fish food off the ground to throw to the fish and Ben was fascinated by the fish too.  Ben’s “independent nature” was coming out while we were there though, and he was not wanting to go along with the plan at all.  I just love the “two’s”…


They have a little museum area with lots of info on animals in the area.  The kids both loved the big fish tank and the huge turtle, and Ben loved all the stuffed birds.  He’s so interested in anything that flies.


It was fun to watch the kids run around and look at everything, although it was a little nerve-wracking having Ben around those tanks.  Looking back at the pictures from 2011, I can’t believe how much Abbie has grown in the past 2 years.  I wish she’d listen to us and stopping getting bigger, like we ask her to do all the time.  =)

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