Monday, May 30, 2011

Fish hatchery fun

For our first stop in Branson, we decided to check out the fish hatchery near the dam.  Abbie absolutely loved it and didn’t want to leave when it was time to go.
(Checking out the big trout with Grandpa.)
(I just love it when she actually leaves a hat on.  This one stayed on for a few minutes before I was carrying it.)IMG_3297
The highlight of this stop for Abbie was feeding the geese.  (I LOVE her face in the first picture!)  She wasn’t too sure and didn’t want to get too close, but she actually let them eat out of her hand once or twice and then talked about “Goose bite you” for the rest of the day.  If you’ve never fed a goose, it does feel kinda funny.
She didn’t want to leave the geese so she had to go back one more time to say goodbye to them.IMG_3314IMG_3325
(We went down by the river and she liked waving at the boat that went by.)IMG_3333
(Hitching a ride from Grandma.)IMG_3339
We decided to go back and get more food for the geese.  Abbie and I coaxed this one over and she liked throwing little tiny pieces of food at it.  She has surprisingly good aim for a 2 year old.
When we were done feeding the geese for the second time, we got back up by the fish pools just in time to watch them feed the trout!  It was pretty neat to see.  Abbie liked picking up all the tiny pieces of food that didn’t make it in to the pool and throwing it in for the fish.
I was bummed that I didn’t bring my big camera, but I’m happy with the way these pictures turned out on my little point and shoot.  Next time I’ll bring my big camera though.

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Donna said...

Great pictures...looks like you guys are haveing fun. Wish I was there with you. Miss you