Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Abbie-isms

*We called Mark on gmail video chat and he answered and saw Abbie first thing.  He said “Hi Abbie.  What are you doing?”, and she responded, without missing a beat, with “Picking my nose.”  (Which she was.)  Mark started cracking up and said “What did she just say?” and then asked her what she was doing again, to which she responded again “Picking my nose.”
*This morning the first thing I heard on the monitor was “Momma, I’m ready to get up and play now”.  (Except play is a 2 syllable word for her: pa-lay.)  So sweet!
*Abbie loves to answer her own questions when she wants to do something.  “Go outside and pa-lay?”  “Yeah!  Okay!” (while shaking her head yes).
*Today we were talking to Mark on video chat and Abbie heard jets taking off.  She said “Jets are flying!” and she sat there and thought about it for a second and then said “Oh!!  That sounds like fun!!”
*Abbie may, or may not, have heard my mom fart last week.  She went running in to the same room as my mom and asked “Change your pants?”.  She did it again when we were coming down the stairs and she heard someone fart again and said “Grandma needs to change her pants?”.
*She says “Oh my goodness!” quite a bit and it really is the cutest thing ever.
*My parents cat, Zeke, isn’t exactly the friendliest cat in the world.  He often growls or makes noise when you walk by him, and Abbie has started saying “Zekey’s pissy.”
*We passed someone mowing a soccer field with one of those little tractor/riding lawn mower.  I told Abbie to look at the tractor and pointed it out to her and I look in the rear view mirror and she’s shaking her finger at me while saying “No mommy.  No tractor.  It’s a lawnmower.”  …  Really??  She’s TWO and she’s already correcting me??
*We were eating out and Abbie was sitting in her stroller next to the table.  She kept putting her foot on the side of the table and pushing off, which almost tipped her over a few times.  I told her to stop numerous times, but she didn’t listen and succeeded to tip the stroller almost completely over, except I caught it.  It COMPLETELY freaked her out and she started crying and asking me to put her in a time out.  My parents and I, and a few people watching this go down, started laughing because she was crying while saying “I want a time out.  It’s time for a time out.”  Silly girl.
*You can ask Abbie was her name is and she’ll say “Abbie Rose (our last name)”.  And if you ask her how old she is she’ll say “Two” and hold up two fingers.  And this week we taught her where her daddy is so if you ask her where daddy is she’ll say “Afa-ga-han-i-stan”.  I need to record it because it’s adorable.
*The other day I ran into the grocery store with my mom while Abbie and my dad stayed in the car.  When I got back in the car Abbie said “Hi momma!  I missed you, momma.”  She really melts my heart sometimes!


Fledgling Techie said...

Awwww! I love it when little ones express how much they missed their mommy...even when mommy was gone for mere minutes! Too cute!!!

CJ said...

What a little sweet pea!