Thursday, May 23, 2013

Abbie’s 4th birthday party


We had Abbie’s party at our house and invited a bunch of her (our) friends over to celebrate while we grilled burgers.  I think we all had fun, although it’s a tad stressful having that many people over to your house and having food for all of them.


Abbie loves the pool and would spend every day all day in there if given half the chance.  So she LOVED having friends over to play in the water with her!


The dads hung around by the fence watching the kids most of the time and the moms hung out on the porch trying to stay somewhat cool in the 100 degree weather.


I still can’t believe she’s four.  And sometimes she looks even older than four to me.  Kids just grow up way too fast.


Benj happens to love cupcakes too!!  He was pointing and grunting at them as soon as he saw them!!


Abbie with her friends Maddy and Allison.


We opened presents after everyone left since the kids were having too much fun in the pool to be interrupted and then we opened more from family and friends on her actual birthday on Monday.




When you ask Ben to smile now, this is kind of what he does.  Pretty funny!



Unknown said...

I start to have a mini panic attack, when I have that many people over my house! Hahah!

I wish we had a pool or even a big enough backyard! We ended up going to the community pool afterwards, and it was PACKED!

Elsbit said...

Is it swimming weather when we come?

I love his smile... almost like he is like I know I have no teeth. ;)

The cupcakes and her swimsuit and hair were cute!

Jessica Lynn said...

happy birthday, abbie!! i'm shocked with how many friends you guys already have out there! how wonderful

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Abbie. I remember when her 1st birthday was a big deal at Aviano...she looks SO Grown Up in that black/white pic of her blowing out the candle. Slays me. And...I SO WANT to be in that photo of all the moms hanging out in the shade - like an Aviano reunion. Jealous!