Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Abbie Rose is 4 years old!


Our little pippers isn’t so little anymore!  I don’t know where the past four years have gone.  Abbie is turning in to quite the little girl.  She, like most 4 year olds, is full of energy and spunk, but I think four is going to be a fun age with Abbie.


Abbie is43” tall and weighs between 38-39lbs, which still puts her above the 95% for height and around the 75% for weigh.  She’s in all size 5 clothes and wears size 11 shoes.  Sometimes she’ll nap for 2 hours a day, sometimes she’ll not nap for a few days in a row.  Naps are still up in the air.  She generally goes to bed around 8:30pm and is up around 8-9am, depending on if she has school that day or not.


Abbie LOVES school and is very social.  She loves to talk to just about anyone and is very much a leader among kids her own age.  It will be interesting to see how she does in the Montessori school this coming year where she will be in a room with kids ages 3-6.  She hasn’t had a whole lot of interest learning her letters, but I think she knows more letters and numbers than she lets on.  She can write her first name, and has been for quite a while, and lately she’s been talking about wanting to read.  I’m hoping she’ll pick that up at school this coming year, and we’ll be working with her on it at home too.


Abbie loves to eat mac and cheese, and would eat it every single meal if I let her.  She loves “chla-cat” which she now actually calls chocolate.  Makes me sad.  She uses pretty big words for a 4 year old and people are amazed that they can carry on the conversations they have with her.  She’s always been ahead of the curve verbally.  Hopefully that’ll continue throughout her life.  She loves to sing and I love teaching her new songs because she looks at you so intently and watches every move you make, and then she wants to sing it 30 times in a row and then she wants to do it by herself.  She loves playing in the pool and I would like to get her into swimming lessons, but the ones they have around here don’t really fit our schedule very well.  They’re all offered while we are gone, or while she’s in her preschool.  I might just try to teach her myself.  She’s also been asking about dance lessons, so I’m going to look into getting her into those again also.


Abbie is very much a “little mama”, whether she is with friends or with Ben.  She is always informing me or other parents of things – someone’s hungry, someone got hurt, etc.  She tries her best to keep everyone under her wing and we’re working on getting her to just be a friend instead of a 3rd parent.  But she loves her friends and she’s getting much better at sharing, unless it’s her little brother.  She loves looking at books and having us read to her, she’s getting more interested in dolls, she loves to paint or draw or color and she loves it when I paint her fingernails.  She is obsessed with gum and wants to have some so badly.  I told her when she’s completely potty trained (she has issues during naps and at night still), she can chew gum.


I think Abbie is FINALLY getting out of her terrible 2’s/3’s.  She’s maturing emotionally and not testing quite so many boundaries recently, which is making her a lot more fun.  She’s asks some pretty interesting questions and is getting to be much more agreeable with everything.  Her daddy is still her favorite person in the whole world and she loves Ollie to death and he doesn’t like her at all.  I am so torn between wanting her to stay little forever and being excited about what this next stage will bring!


Unknown said...

She is getting big! And beautiful! =)

Our Jeremiah 29:11 Life said...

She does look older than 4 to me; so pretty! I remember when you first told me you were pregnant with her. We were watching planes in our back yards in Oklahoma! It doesn't seem that long ago. :)