Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Mesa Market


While Mark’s parents were visiting we decided to head over to the Mesa Market because we’d heard good things about it and it looked interesting.  It was interesting to see, but there was also a bunch of junk…  We’d like to go back sometime when we have a little more time to explore.


There were LOTS of vendors there.  We liked the iron sculpture places the best and would like to go back and get something for our wall when we have the house more done.  They sold everything from food to clothes to plants to purses to kitchen stuff, jewelry, artwork, tools, etc.  Pretty much anything, but it wasn’t really top of the line anything.  But it was fun to see and I think the kids enjoyed it.



Ben and his best pal, or maybe Mark and his best pal.  Either way.  =)


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Alvano Richie said...

Cool:) i went mesa a while ago but didn`t find any military stuff. Is mesa flea market has any military related stuff?