Monday, April 8, 2013

Ben at 16 months


Benj is already 16 months old!  It’s hard to believe!  I have to calculate it in my head when people ask me how old he is.  I want to say 14 months, and I kind of wish he was still 14 months old.  He’s getting way to big.  It’s hard to believe the pictures in my header on the blog are from almost a year ago!  He’s changed so much!


Ben is getting pretty good on his feet now.  He’s almost up to running although it’s still the funny awkward “run” with his belly and butt stuck out, but he gets around pretty well!  He loves to go for walks and is usually pretty happy riding in the stroller.  He LOVES watching Abbie run around like a loon too.


Ben is just fascinated with things in the sky.  He jabbers like crazy when he sees any sort of plane in the sky, while pointing to it.  He loves to watch birds and he points at them and says “Buh” over and over.  He says “thank you” now, although it sound more like “tan tu-ba”.  He’s kind of out of his cheese kick now, but he loves to eat raisins and yogurt and bologna.  He’s all in to trying to feed himself with spoons and forks now, and gets quite frustrated if you don’t give him one to use.  He doesn’t get a whole lot in his mouth with them yet, but he’s getting better.  He also loves to dip things – chips, fries, whatever.  If he sees you dipping any food into something, he wants to do it also.


This boy loves to sleep.  He’ll do our sign for sleep and say “nigh nigh” when he wants to go to bed, and he’s actually “asked” to go to bed a few times.  Last night was horrible with him screaming when we put him to bed and then he was up 5+ times last night crying, but that is VERY rare.  I’m not sure what his deal was last night, but tonight he went to bed great, as usual.  He’s still in 18 month clothes, size 4 diapers and size 5 shoes.  He’s starting to say more words, and is up to 5-10, but he’s getting better at pointing to what he wants and he’ll shake his head no if you get it wrong.  He LOVES drinking out of straws and he spends good portions of our meals out trying to put the lids back on the squeeze packs of food I bring for him.  He’s a determined little guy, for sure.


Ben at 16 months and Abbie at 16 months.


(I need to take more pictures!!  I haven’t been taking many of the kids lately, but hopefully I can get back in to photography mode once we’re settled.  And I’m back on WLW!!  I love this program!)


Unknown said...

Aww! How did our babies grow up so fast!

Brittney said...

I love his little plaid shorts, still a cutie patootie!