Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our last souvenir

On our last Saturday in Italy, we decided to get the one thing here that we hadn't gotten yet.  A good set of knives.  There is a town known for it's knife making, Maniago, that was about 25-30 minutes from our town.  We hadn't spent much time there, although our friend's Luc and Cassy lived there, and my friend Jessica, lives there.  It's a really neat little town and Mark and I kind of wished we'd lived over there during our time here.  There are walking paths all over, a really nice downtown square and it's nestled right up against the bigger mountains.  Hind sight is always 20/20.

We weren't sure what we wanted to get when we went there, we just wanted to get a nice souvenir, since Maniago is known all over the world for it's knives.

We ended up getting a set of 5 knives, with the wooden block, and then a little paring knife, a sharpener, and Mark got a nice that he wants to use in his wood working.  We're pretty excited about them.  We wanted to make sure they all said "Maniago" and they do right under "Fox".  I've never heard of Fox knives and I've tried to find them online and I only see the hunting knives that they make.

Mark got a little knife for his wood shop.  It's really neat and has an olive wood handle.  He's happy with it.

And because I haven't taken very many pictures of my kids at all lately with everything going on, here's  a few of Ben's nightly routine.  He impatiently stands next to us while we get his bottle ready, signing milk and more and eat the whole time.

And then he's happy as a clam when he gets it.  The kid could eat 24/7 pretty easily.  He eats ALL the time!!

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Unknown said...

You may get mad, but I thought for sure when I saw the link, your last souvenir was going to be an announcement for baby #3!

the knives look really nice!