Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ben at 8 months

Our little man is already 8 months old!  One of our friends just had a baby boy last week and it’s hard to believe that it’s already been 8 months since we were in her position.
Ben is seriously an amazingly easy baby.  We had him with our friends babysitter last night and she told us he was the easiest baby she’s ever babysat for.  I don’t doubt it.  He is our reward for Abbie being one of the most difficult babies/ kids ever.  At 8 months old, he’s already better at entertaining himself than she ever thought of being.  You can set him on a blanket with a bunch of toys and he’ll be perfectly content for a good hour.  He smiles and laughs constantly and if he’s fussy, he’s either hungry or tired or hot.  He’s so good, we can take him to church with us and he’ll stay quiet for the entire service, even though he’s awake.
Ben sleeps from about 8:30pm – 8am.  He’ll take an hour long morning nap if we’re home for him to sleep, otherwise he’ll skip it and still be relatively happy.  And he takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoons.  He still drinks 3-4 8oz bottles of formula and he’ll have oatmeal and a fruit baby food for breakfast, one jar of baby food for lunch and 1-2 for dinner.  He also can feed himself puffs and yogurt melts and bread and cheese.  I give him tiny bits of whatever foods we’re eating also.  He gets REALLY excited if you drink around him and tries to grab your drink.
He’s still in size 3 diapers and size 6-9 month clothes.  I’m not sure what size shoes he wears because I haven’t had him in shoes all summer.  He LOVES to jump like a maniac in his bouncer and he’s very enamored with balls.  He loves to listen to people sing.  He can easily roll front to back now and thankfully, he’s still not crawling.  Makes my life much easier.  He gets SUPER excited when Mark gets him and starts his squealing and kicking his legs. 
I don’t want him to get any bigger.
Abbie at 8 months and Ben at 8 months.

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Brittney said...

Such a cutie...I hope my kids are half as cute as yours are :)