Saturday, June 2, 2012

May 2012 Abbie-isms


*I had bought a new screen protector for my iPhone and opened it and realized it was for a iTouch, not an iPhone.  I was frustrated and said “I’m a frickin idiot” under my breath.  Abbie apparently was right there, soaking it up.  Later that night she was having a hard time getting her toothpaste on her tooth brush.  Mark was right there when she said “frickin idiot!”.  Mark told her that we don’t say “frickin idiot” and Abbie immediately came running out to tell me that “we don’t say frickin idiot, mommy.  That’s not nice!”  *sighs*  Can’t get away with anything around her!

*I am constantly telling Abbie that she’s not in charge.  She seems to think she is and tries her hardest to boss everyone around.  It’s great fun.  Anyway, I made the mistake of getting her a shirt that says “Big sister in charge!”.  Abbie ALWAYS asks me what her shirts say when I put them on in the morning, so she asked and I told her.  Later that day she was being bossy and I told her she’s not in charge and she said, “I AM the charge!  My shirt says I’m the charge!!”.  (She hasn’t worn that shirt since.)

*I was trying on clothes in a dressing room and there was a big bench in it that said “Do not sit here.”  Abbie was “helping” me try clothes on and I told her what the sign said.  She told me that it was only for short people to sit on.

*Abbie made me a card for Mother’s Day and I asked her what it said.  She said, “It says “Mom, I love you and sparkles.”

*Mark was wearing a shirt that has his call sign on the back, which is “Moose”.  Abbie saw it and said, “The back of daddy’s shirt says moose!”.  (I have no clue how she knew that since it was just the word, no pictures or anything.)  I told her that was right, and then I asked her what her shirt said, since she was wearing her “Moose on the loose” shirt.  She said, “It says moose running around!”.  Haha!!

*I ordered a camera grip from my DSLR.  I was excited to get it so I opened it in the car while Abbie was in the back seat.  Abbie asked what it was and I told her and she said, “That’s just gorgeous.”  LOL!

*Abbie calls Winnie the Pooh, Pooh the Winnie Bear.  I don’t ever plan on correcting her because I think it’s adorable when she says it.  Half the time I even end up calling him "Pooh the Winnie Bear” because she says it so much.  (Same with chla-kat.  Chocolate.)

*Ben has a moose toy that has rattles in the feet, but Abbie likes to pretend they’re flashlights for some reason.  She runs around holding the moose’s foot out in front of her like a flashlight.




Fledgling Techie said...

Too cute!!! I remember hitting the stage of having to be VERY careful of what I said in front of my boys because of their habits or repeating what came out of my hasn't stopped since, either. Children can be amazing teachers!

Cynthia said...

The boys call broccoli "blockleblerry" all the time! Then they have to explain to everyone how cute out is when Abbie says it! They adore her!

Amanda said...

Awe she is just so darn cute. These keep me smiling every month! :)