Monday, April 2, 2012

March 2012 Abbie-isms


*We were driving by a farm on our way to base.  Abbie pointed it out and said, “I bet the name of that farm is E-I-E-I-O.”

*Also on our way to base, Abbie noticed a contrail (the white lines) of a jet in the sky that was a perfect circle.  She said, “Look, it’s a circle!”.  A while later she looked up again and half of the contrail had blown away and she said, “Look, now it’s a semi-circle!”  (She’s 2 years 10 months old….)


*We were stopped behind a car at a stoplight and the light turned green and the car in front of us didn’t move.  Abbie, ever the back seat driver, said “You can go now car!”.

*Abbie was telling us a story (don’t remember the story now), but during it she said, “And I was totally freaking out!!”


*One morning Abbie got up and came into the kitchen with us, looked at the floor and said, “This floor is just filthy!”.  (Thank God we didn’t have guests over at the time…)

*Abbie refers to her shadow as her “shade-o”.

*This month Abbie has really gotten in to pretending.  She has an imaginary friend, Ian, who she’s always talking about.  She holds his hand a lot and never forgets about him.  When she gets out of the car, she has to climb back in every. single. time. to get “Ian”, and then she holds her hand in a fist to show that she’s holding his hand.  She always likes to bring along her “baby tarantula” (thanks to the episode of Max and Ruby).


*Abbie was touching Mark’s face after he hadn’t shaved in a day or two.  She asked him, “Do all daddy’s have this?”

*When we got to our apartment in Alabama Mark took Abbie for a little walk.  On the way back he asked Abbie if she knew which place was ours.  (They all look alike.)  She pointed to the one we lived in and he told her she has a good sense of direction.  She said, “Yeah, that means I know where we live.”


*We passed a Jeep and it caught Abbie’s eye.  She said, “I just love that big, beautiful, yellow car.”  LOL!!

*We went to Target here in Montgomery and as SOON as we walked in the door, Abbie said, “I want some popcorn!!!”.  One, we’d never set foot in that Target.  Two, I couldn’t smell it and I doubt she could either because she’s all congested.  Three, it’s been over 6 months since she’s been in a Target.


*Mark said something about something being stupid while we were riding in the car.  Abbie, who’s always monitoring the air waves, said “We don’t say stupid guy.”  We agreed with her and then she added, “We don’t say stupid lady either.”  We agreed with her again.  She was quiet for a few seconds and then said, “We only say stupid dogs.  The stupid dogs always bark.”    Oh boy.

*Abbie was asking Mark if he was going to go to the park with us.  He told her that he had to go to work so he couldn’t go to the park.  She thought about it for a second and then said, “Are you sure your work’s not at the park?”

*We were stopped at a stoplight and there was a VW Bug waiting to turn in front of us.  Abbie saw it from the back seat and said, “Look!!!  That one looks like it’s just my size!!”


PS:  Abbie is completely day-time potty trained now!!  And she’s also waking up dry during most of her naps and sometimes even at night!


Rachel said...

I love when you post these. I miss that little girl so much. She is so much fun to be around :)

Amanda said...

Awe! :) I just can't help but smile reading these. She is so smart for her age!