Saturday, March 31, 2012

Callaway Gardens in GA

Today we drove over to GA to visit Callaway Gardens.  Mark had been there when he was younger and he wanted to go spend the day there, so off we went.  It started out kind of rainy and a little chilly (70 degrees), but eventually it got much nicer out.




We forgot that GA is an hour ahead of AL, so we almost missed the Birds of Prey show looking for a place to eat lunch, but it all worked out in the end and we got some good pictures on our drive around the resort.


We took the stroller and once again, I’m so glad we brought that thing back with us.  Ben generally really enjoys riding in the stroller and he’s usually pretty content in there.  Abbie goes between running around on her own and then when she gets tired she’ll camp out in the stroller for a bit before she’s off running again.  It’s great!


(I just love baby feet!!)IMG_6278

The Birds of Prey show was pretty neat, although I didn’t get very many good pictures.  It’s hard to take pictures with a 2 year old bouncing all around and a baby in your lap, but I got a few decent ones.


After the bird show we decided to walk to the Butterfly House.  It was a beautiful walk and I would love to go back when our kids are older and we can rent bikes to ride around.  We passed about 70 people riding bikes and it looked like a lot of fun!  But it was also fun wandering along, listening to Abbie tell us about the baby tarantula she was carrying around.  (She has QUITE the imagination these days.)

(Abbie and Mark checking out a lizard.)




Ben enjoyed the Butterfly House.  He was being a snuggly little guy and really checking things out.  We got a few comments today about how alert he is and how he’ll turn his head to follow things he’s watching.  He’s just like Abbie was at his age (God help us), he doesn’t want to miss much.  And I like how he and Mark are dressed in very similar outfits.


We got Abbie a balloon at the Butterfly House and she had a great time dragging that thing all over the place.  I’m surprised she didn’t want to sleep with it tonight.


It took me a while to get this picture of this spider and web, but I finally figured it out!


Not a perfect picture, but the only family picture we got while we were there.  Next time we’ll get Ben out of the stroller.


Lastly we fed the turtles.  I couldn’t believe how many turtles there were!!  Abbie loved feeding them!  She was trying her hardest to get more food to come out of that dispenser.


One more picture by the dog statue.  Abbie did great at Callaway Gardens.  I think she talked the entire time we were there.  =)


However, she was quiet for at least a few minutes on the way home.



Unknown said...

I love the picture of you with your babies! Beautiful! And of course your husband with them too!

What kind of double jogging stroller do you own?

I'm ready to ditch my two strollers and just get one jogging stroller because they are so hard to handle!

Jessica Lynn said...

We LOOOOOOVE Callaway! We used to go there several times a year! I'm glad you guys had a good time.

Miss you out here. We need to hang out when you get back. Hope you're enjoying America :)