Monday, January 23, 2012

I’m famous!

A couple weeks ago I was at the post office.  I had to mail a stack of birth announcements I was sending out and also buy stamps.  I handed my stack of mail to the person behind the counter, who handed it to her boss who was behind her.  A third worker came to join the group and the boss handed it to him.  He looked at my stack of mail and said “Ohhh.  YOU’RE <my last name>!  You’re famous around here.”  I kinda looked at him, unsure of how to take his comment and he said, “You like to write letters huh?”  I told him I did and I was just trying to keep them in business.  =)

Apparently I send more mail than the average person, which doesn’t surprise me too much.  I’ve sent well over 200 letters in the last month between Christmas cards, birth announcements, birthday and anniversary cards and letters to friends.  I think letter writing is a lost art.  Hopefully I can pass my love of letter writing off to my kids.  I’m lucky enough to have friends and family that actually hand write me letters back also!

I do have to say, I miss having a normal mailbox to go check every day.  I have to go to the base post office to get my mail and they give you a ticket if you leave your kids in the car by themselves while you go check your mail.  So carrying a car seat with an infant in it, and wrangling a 2 year old while trying to check your mail and carry any packages back to the car by yourself is a real trick.  But getting real mail makes it worth the hassle!


Unknown said...

I love real mail too! I wish I could do it more often or receive it more often. Christmas is always fun because of all the cards I get in the mail.

Tami AKA My Kid's Mom said...

Letter writing is almost a thing of the past - I miss it but it's usually easier for me to use e-mail.

Johanna said...

If you're so famous there, maybe they'll give you special treatment and deliver your mail to you in your car. ;)

We love getting letters from you!!

Amanda said...

I am totally a mail person too.. I get so bummed when I open my little mailbox and it's empty. :/ It is becoming a lost art, saddly.