Sunday, October 2, 2011

September 2011 Abbie-isms

**Abbie was in the bathroom with me, getting me toilet paper, which ran out.  She got to the end of the roll and said, “That’s all she wrote!”.  She’s been hanging around my mom WAY too much… =)
**My dad had a whisk broom that he usually keeps in the garage in the living room.  Abbie got one look at it and said, “That doesn’t go in the house.  That belongs outside.”  Apparently she’d heard that before.
**Abbie currently refers to chocolate as “Chlaw-cat” and M&M’s are her favorite.
**Lately Abbie has been asking me to draw her horses and helicopters on her little magna-doodle.  I’ll admit, I’m definitely no Picasso, but really?  How hard can it be to draw a little helicopter for her?  Apparently pretty hard.  I drew one for her today and she immediately erased it and said “No, mommy, not a flower.  Draw a helicopter.”  HA!  I guess the rotors looked too much like flower petals?  So she asked me to draw one again and I told her I couldn’t and she said, “Yes, you can mommy.  Just try.”  (Mark, you’d better brush up on your drawing skills – particularly helicopters and horses.)
**On a long car trip, Abbie kept putting something in her mouth that didn’t belong there.  I kept telling her to get it out of her mouth or I was going to take it away.  Finally I was giving her “the look” and she looked at me and said, “You just go to sleep momma.”
**Sometimes she asks where we’re going when we drive somewhere or she says she wants to get out.  And sometimes I’ll say something like “We have 10 more miles to go.”  She does not like it when you refer to the distance as miles, because she has a cousin named Miles.  So she’ll usually tell you to not tell her in miles, but to tell her how many minutes are left.
**Abbie has started mimicking the GPS, so she will repeat every direction the GPS gives us.
**We were eating at Joe’s Crab Shack and during our meal, Abbie all of a sudden yelled, “They sell ice cream down there!”.  She was looking at a building on a dock a level lower than where we were eating.  There was a tiny picture of an ice cream cone in the window.  She pointed to it and said, “See that picture of the ice cream?  That means they sell ice cream in there.”  … She’s 2 years and 4 months old…
**Abbie was being particularly “turd-ish” while we were eating and she smacked me on the face.  I was frustrated after having been fighting with her for 10 mins to sit down in the booth instead of stand up and jump all over the place, so I smacked her back on her face.  Not hard, obviously, but enough to get her attention.  It kind of surprised her and she sat really still for about 15 seconds and then she whispered “Am I bleeding?”.  I about died laughing.  (Sidenote: I’m fairly certain she meant “blinking”, not bleeding, but she said bleeding.  But she was sitting still, not blinking, so I think she was wanting me to notice she wasn’t blinking.  But the look on her face and how softly and seriously she said it had my parents and me cracking up.)
**She’s started calling my mom “grammy” and my dad “grampy”.  She says “hippopamanous”, “bloccaberry” (broccoli), and grasshapopper.
**We were talking with Mark on video chat and Abbie was standing in the corner with a funny look on her face.  I asked her if she was pooping and she said “Yeah, I’m loadin’ em up.”   Glad Mark got to witness that one first hand.  =)
**Abbie often will say “You know what mommy?  I love you.”  So I, of course, tell her I love her too and I tell her she’s my favorite little girl in the whole world.  The other day she said, “You’re my favorite mommy in the whole world too.”


Christine said...

these crack me up! she is such a character!

Rachel said...

Oh Abbie, you are my favorite!!