Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 2011 goals

I have to admit, just thinking about everything I need to do in October is stressing me out.  I feel like I have so much to do before we leave for Italy, as soon as we get to Italy before Mark gets home, and then after Mark gets back too.  I definitely won’t have much idle time this month…
1.  Get the ENTIRE house cleaned from top to bottom before Mark returns from his deployment.
2.  Reorganize the kitchen and put things I don’t use much on shelves in the basement to free up space in the cabinets.
3.  Unpack all boxes I shipped to myself and get things put away.
4.  Wash all baby boy clothes and get it all organized by size in plastic containers.
5.  Reorganize our storage rooms in the basement to make everything easily accessible. 
6.  Clean up downstairs living room (which is currently being used as a storage room in part of it, and the guest room in another part of it).  Take all storage items and find places for them in other storage rooms.
7.  Get Passat ready to sell and advertised.
8.  Get Abbie a big girl bed and dresser set and get that put together and in her room.
9.  Move crib and changing table from Abbie’s room to baby boys room.
10.  Turn current office/ craft room into baby boys room.
11.  Reorganize all of Mark’s and my clothes.  Move one of our dressers from our bedroom into storage or downstairs living room to make room for glider and bassinet in our room.
12.  Look into moving our wardrobe down to Abbie’s room and getting an Ikea closet organizer for our closet area to free up some space.
13.  Plan November trip to London!!
14.  Turn downstairs living room in to guest room/ play room/ office/ craft room.  Yes, it’s big enough to do this, it’s just going to take some creativity.
15.  Take a big trip to Ikea to get different closet storage for our room, storage unit of main floor bathroom and Abbie’s new bedroom set.
16.  Finish quilt and return sewing machine before I leave home.
17.  Get all cards written and sent on time.
18.  Enjoy time with my husband after being away from him for almost 7 months!!!!
Wish me luck!  I’m going to need it, especially considering my SPD, all the stairs in my house and the fact that I’ll be 31+ weeks pregnant.


Jane said...

So excited for you! But, oh my goodness that list! lol I need to start cleaning my house NOW for R&R in a few months because it's such a disaster, cleaning sucks! lol

Christine said...

wow. that's quite a list. don't forget to eat and sleep!

Jessica Lynn said...

I love to-do lists! good luck!