Monday, October 31, 2011

October 2011 goals revisited

This month has flown by for me, as I knew it would.  Time flies when you’re having fun, right?  Thank GOD my husband was all about getting the house organized, since he’s done more of it than I have.  I feel guilty about it, but Mark says he likes doing this kind of stuff around the house.

1.  Get the ENTIRE house cleaned from top to bottom before Mark returns from his deployment.  - Pretty much got this one done.  It wasn’t organized, but it was pretty clean, thanks to paying someone to clean most of it before we got back.
2.  Reorganize the kitchen and put things I don’t use much on shelves in the basement to free up space in the cabinets.  I didn’t get this done as much as I would have liked.  I put some stuff away, but still have more to go.
3.  Unpack all boxes I shipped to myself and get things put away.  I got over half of them unpacked, but still have more to go.
4.  Wash all baby boy clothes and get it all organized by size in plastic containers. DONE!!!  (Thanks for the help mom!)
5.  Reorganize our storage rooms in the basement to make everything easily accessible.  DONE!!! (Thanks to Mark, who did 90% of this.)
6.  Clean up downstairs living room (which is currently being used as a storage room in part of it, and the guest room in another part of it).  Take all storage items and find places for them in other storage rooms.  DONE!!  Again, thanks mostly to Mark and my mom.
7.  Get Passat ready to sell and advertised.  Not done, but for good reason.  More on that later.
8.  Get Abbie a big girl bed and dresser set and get that put together and in her room.  Partially done.  We have her mattress and box spring ordered.  They’ll be delivered in 2 weeks, but we have to order her headboard, which will take 2-3 months to arrive.  The joys of living overseas.   And we still need to get her a dresser.
9.  Move crib and changing table from Abbie’s room to baby boys room.  Not done since Abbie is still using them
10.  Turn current office/ craft room into baby boys room.  Baby boy’s room is currently empty, which is a feat in itself.  Once we get Abbie’s bed, we can move her furniture to his room.
11.  Reorganize all of Mark’s and my clothes.  Move one of our dressers from our bedroom into storage or downstairs living room to make room for glider and bassinet in our room.  Again, partially done.  I have most of our clothes organized, but still have more work to do. 
12.  Look into moving our wardrobe down to Abbie’s room and getting an Ikea closet organizer for our closet area to free up some space.  Mark and his brother moved the wardrobe to the garage for us, but now all the clothes that were in the wardrobe are in a huge pile where the wardrobe used to be.  We still need to get a closet organizer from somewhere.

13.  Plan November trip to London!!  We leave in 5 days and this still isn’t done.  Oops.
14.  Turn downstairs living room in to guest room/ play room/ office/ craft room.  Yes, it’s big enough to do this, it’s just going to take some creativity.  Mostly done!  We just have more organizing to do and have to move more toys down there.
15.  Take a big trip to Ikea to get different closet storage for our room, storage unit for main floor bathroom and Abbie’s new bedroom set. We haven’t had time to go to Ikea yet.  This will be moved to my November goals.
16.  Finish quilt and return sewing machine before I leave home.  Still not done.  RATS!  I need to finish that quilt!  Hopefully in November I’ll be able to get it done if I get my machine all set up again.
17.  Get all cards written and sent on time.  They’ve been done, but usually not sent on time…  Oops.
18.  Enjoy time with my husband after being away from him for almost 7 months!!!!  I’ve definitely accomplished this!

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Rachel said...

It's been a busy October. I hope u get to relax a little now on your london trip. Miss u!