Thursday, September 1, 2011

August 2011 Abbie-isms

**I must say “Give me a fricken’ break” a lot because it is Abbie’s new term.  Any time anyone talks “animatedly” she pipes up with “Give a fricken’ me break!”.  (Yes, she switches words around.)
**Today I got back into the car after stopping by my friends house for a very short visit.  (She was in the car with my parents.)  Abbie immediately asked, “Did you have a good time at Rachel’s, momma?”.
**Apparently someone in my house (or maybe all of us) uses the term “turd” when someone/ something is being “difficult” or “not nice”.  And Abbie has apparently picked up on this.  I’ve heard her say “Zekey is a turd.” before.  (Zeke is my parents not-so-nice cat.)  Today she was being rather difficult right after I got her up and I was giving her my “I’m getting exasperated” look and she looked at me and said “I’m such a turd.”.  LOL!  Seriously?  What do you say to that?  ‘Yes, you are.  Now stop!’?  Another version of that is sometimes she’ll say “I’m being a turd.” when she knows she’s not cooperating.  Ah, the joys of having a 2 year old.
**Abbie was in the backseat of the car talking on her pretend phone to her daddy.  I was driving along listening to her jabber and all of a sudden she said “Momma, you need to be quiet because I’m talking to daddy on the phone.”  She’s heard that more than once in the past.  We’re currently working on being quiet while people are on the phone, along with not interrupting. 
**I was video chatting with Mark on the computer and Abbie was being loud and interrupting, so I had a quick talk with Abbie and reminded her that she needed to be quiet when I was on the phone with daddy and she had to wait her turn.  She was quiet for a few seconds and then said, “But you’re not on the phone.  You’re on the computer.”  …  Doh.
**Abbie randomly says “Wan ting toon tah” a lot.  I have no clue what it means or why she says it, but she’ll say it at least 10 times a day.  ???
**Abbie loves feeding my parents Golden Retriever treats, especially when she can get her to “speak!”.  She loves it when Maddy barks for her.  We were down by the river and found a duck that really enjoyed some of Abbie’s Goldfish, which Abbie was gladly sharing with it.  My mom and I cracked up and Abbie tried to get the duck to “speak” before she gave it another treat.
**Abbie was getting in the face of my cousins big dog, Quincy.  He was kind of muttering at her since he wasn’t very thrilled about it.  Abbie looked at me and pointed at Quincy and said “He’s frickin nuts.”
**I let Abbie put her hand in the water at Bear Lake.  The next day when we were telling Mark about it, he asked if the water was hot or cold.  Abbie’s response was, “It was wet.”
**We were in the elevator with a lady who noticed Abbie’s shirt that said “I love my dad”.  The lady said to Abbie, “Do you love your daddy?”.  Abbie looked at her and said, “Yeah.” kinda quietly.  The lady went to get off the elevator and Abbie started after her and yelled, “And my daddy loves me whole bunches!!”.  ~Melt my heart!~
**Abbie has been in rare form the past few days – being rather difficult to say the least.  My mom has said a few times, “You’re cruisin’ kid” to her.  This morning at breakfast Abbie said, “Grandma!  I’m cruisin’!”
**After Abbie’s nap she came downstairs and I asked her for a kiss.  That apparently reminded her of the Hershey’s kisses she saw in the cabinet because after she gave me a kiss she started asking for a kiss.  It was hilarious to watch her try to tell me that she didn’t want a kiss with her lips, she wanted a piece of chocolate.  It went something like “No, mommy!  I no want a mommy kiss, I want the other kiss” while pointing to her mouth with it open.  I wish I had gotten it on video.
**Abbie found a daddy long-leg spider in the house and showed it to my dad.  My dad said “We like spiders, don’t we Abbie?” and she responded, “Yes, but not in the house.”  Smart girl.

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