Monday, August 29, 2011

Bring on fall!

It seems as though my life is kicking in to high gear now, which is a really good thing.  I have a feeling my last 6 weeks in the States are going to fly by.  Between spending three days in Chicago with Mark’s family, going to Kansas City and Branson with my family for 9 days, an overnight shopping trip with a friend, OB appointments, taking pictures, dinner dates with numerous different friends, etc – I’m going to be busy, which I absolutely love.

I’m doing much better since my “blah” post.   Thank you to those of you that left sweet comments.  I really appreciate it.  My SPD has been the best it’s been all summer I think.  I’m not in very much pain at all, besides an occasionally twinge here and there and my typical “getting out of bed” pain.  But I haven’t had my walking pain all week, which has been a welcomed relief.  I had another chiropractor appointment today and not as many things were out of alignment, so that was good.  He did deep tissue massage on my lower back/ butt, which is really kind of awkward, except this time he was talking about his stance on the war, which was brought about by him asking when my husband was coming home (to take over the massaging).  But when he massages that area it hurts SO bad.  There’s a pressure point in your glute apparently and holy Moses, that friggin HURTS when he pushed on it.  I literally couldn’t breathe when he did it and he said  wasn’t even pushing that hard.  I was telling him there was one point that REALLY hurt and he was like, “Yeah, right here” while he pushed on that point and it brought me off of the stupid table it hurt so bad.  Ouch.  But I did feel better afterwards and I don’t have to go back, so that’s good.

I also did a little “retail therapy” on  I got 3 maternity dresses that I think I can dress up or wear in casual situations, and 2 pairs of pants, and most of it was over 40% off.  I’m going to start trying to tone my arms since I think that’ll be the easiest point to target while I’m pregnant.  Maybe if I lift weights a few times a week – other than my 30+lb kid – I can tone up my arms some.  So hopefully my new clothes will fit well (and I’ll have something to wear for Mark’s homecoming) and I can get part of me (my arms) closer to where I’d like to be after baby boy is born.

I am SO ready for the fall – mainly because of the weather and because we’re closer to my husband coming home.  But fall has always been my favorite season.  This year we’ve just added a major reason.