Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The turtle

Last week my parents found a turtle on their way home from town, so they decided to pick it up and bring it home to show Abbie.  Abbie was most interested in it, and wasn’t afraid to touch even right away.
We decided to put it in Abbie’s little pool overnight and of course Abbie wanted to hold it before we put it in the pool.  She’s such a curious little thing.  She really had to inspect it thoroughly before she was willing to put it down.
After she put the turtle in her pool she had to stand back and observe him for a while.  (She looks like she’s about 10 in this picture, instead of 2!)
The next day we took the turtle back to where my parents had found it and returned him to his home.  He took off as soon as my mom put him down and I’ve honestly never seen a turtle move as fast as he did on his way to the water.

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Fledgling Techie said...

What a great experience for Abbie!I love when kids are curious like that!

Jane said...

How fun for her! I bet the turtle loved it too.