Monday, July 4, 2011

A day at the farm

My good friend, Rachel, has 2 horses that she keeps at a small barn that has LOTS of animals.  She invited Abbie and Cam and Miles (my sister’s two kids) out for a ride on her beloved horse, Jay.  (We usually call him Jay Jay Angel.)
This little barn had four mini’s and a donkey, who I could have taken about 3000 pictures of in itself.  The thing was ADORABLE!
Cam and Abbie enjoyed petting a cat, and Cam also held it.  Then they got to pet the GIANT rabbits!  I guess these are the largest breed of rabbit, and they were really cute!
And then we walked down to the barn to see the horses.  Abbie was VERY hesitant around the horses and she was clinging pretty tightly to my mom and me.  She said “Me no like horses” more than once, but I’m glad she had a little fear verses being completely unafraid of these huge animals.
The boys had a great time riding Jay.  Jay is close to 30 years old and he was used as a lesson horse that barn I taught at for many years.  He’s a very laid back and easy going animal that’s pretty much seen it all and just goes along with it.  He’s a very good boy.
Abbie wanted me to hold her hand at first when she got on, but about halfway around the ring I convinced her to just hang on to the horn and she did really well!
She looks so tiny up there!  But she talked about riding Jay Jay Angel (and yes, she calls him Jay Jay Angel) for DAYS afterwards!

After the boys trotted around on Jay for a while and we got the group shot, we went to feed treats to the donkey and the mini’s and Jay.
And then we got to play with the dogs!  (They also had 5 dogs, including a weina dog puppy that I was VERY tempted to take home with me.  I LOVED him!!!)
Thanks for letting the kids ride your pony Rach!  I appreciate you taking time out of your day off to show us around the farm.  Let me know when I can take more pics of you and Jay and Tequila!

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Shelly said...

That looks like such a great experience for everyone.

Brittney said...

She looks like such a big girl riding the horse on her own! Can't believe how big she is getting!

Amanda said...

The photos of Abbie on the horse are adorable!!!

Donna said...

I am jealous I want to go. Looks like you had a geat time, love all the pictures.

Elsbit said...

Funny, I was thinking how BIG she looks up there on that horse! And so blonde! :)

Rachel said...

awww, Jay Jay Angel. I LOVE that animal. All your pics are cute. We need to pick a day that should be cooler out and schedule pics SOON :) I'm so glad u could come out and enjoy the ponies, they are so much fun for me!