Thursday, July 7, 2011

June 2011 Abbie-isms


* Tonight we were video chatting with Mark on my phone and we had kind of a bad connection.  The video and sound kept skipping, and sounded like a skipping CD where it repeats the same tiny clip over and over.  Abbie was pretty freaked out by it at first and she kept asking “What’s daddy doing?”  I explained that it was just the computer making things funny, and so she started imitating what she was seeing, which was HILARIOUS.  She was squinting up her eyes funny, and doing this ticking thing with her head and making funny noises just like the phone was.  I wish I’d gotten it on video.

*For about a month or two now, when she tastes something she doesn’t like, she’ll immediately spit it out and say “Me no like that.”  And now if she sees something she doesn’t like she says “Abbie no like that.”  (Onions are something she doesn’t like.)  We went to visit my friend, Rachel’s, horses and Abbie was very interested, but she was also afraid of them when they got too close.  She was saying “Me no like that horse” quite a bit, while she glued herself to my leg.

*She was eating a chocolate chip cookie and dipping it in milk, of course.  (She ALWAYS has to dunk her cookies in milk.)  Anyway, the milk was dripping off of the bottom of the cookie after she’d dunked it and she gave us a funny look and said “Why’s it leaking??”.

*Abbie was eating a piece of candy in front of my dad and he told her he wanted some, but she’d already put it in her mouth.  He said to her “Is that piece yours or is it mine?”, to which she immediately responded, “It’s ours!”. 

*My parents call me “Bear”.  They’ve called me Bear since I was Abbie’s age.  And now, since Abbie hears them call me Bear all the time, she’s starting to call me Bear too.  The other day we were in Target, getting ready to leave.  I walked up to the cart Abbie was sitting in and Abbie looked at me and said “Are you ready to go Bear?”.  Sheesh.  She also calls my dad “Leap”, which is a play off of the German – leibchen – which means “my love”.  My mom calls my dad “leap” and so Abbie calls him “leap” occasionally too, especially when we’re eating.  On more than one occasion she’s said to him, “Are you going to eat that, Leep?”

*Sometime during this month, Abbie has started calling peeing, “psssing”.  Like she makes the “psss” noise.  It sounds an awful lot like she’s saying “pissing”, but she’s really saying “psssing”.  Today we were outside and Abbie said down on the grass and said “I’m psssing!!”.  And then she got up and said, “All done!”.   I have to admit, I laughed.  **Okay, my mom just informed me that when she puts Abbie on the potty, she says “Go pssss!”.  No wonder Abbie is saying that now!

*We were out on the boat on the river when we spotted a pair of A-10’s flying around.  (I think they were in town for the air show coming up this weekend.)  We pointed them out to Abbie and we all had fun watching them.  After a little while we lost track of them and all 6 of us (my parents, myself, my sisters kids – aged 4 and 6, and Abbie) were searching the skies for them.  And wouldn’t you know, Abbie was the one to spot them first and point them out to everyone else.  She pointed at them and yelled “There are the jets!!”  She’s definitely her daddy’s girl.


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Jessica Lynn said...

That's too cute! When I was young, probably around her age, I would call my Grandma "mom" since that's what my mom called her (her mother). My mom said it was really hard and weird to start calling her Grandma so that I would call her grandma! (hope that wasn't too confusing).

i love that you're documenting this—I bet she'll love reading it when she's older!