Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chicago and Vegas Bound

Abbie and I are heading to Chicago today.  Abbie is staying with Mark’s family, while I head to Vegas to meet up with some of my friends from Italy.  I’m excited to see my friends from the squadron, but I am SO nervous about leaving Abbie for a few days.

I’ll be gone Thursday afternoon through Sunday evening, which will be the longest time and the furthest distance I’ve every been away from Abbie.  I’m not at all worried about Mark’s family not taking good care of Abbie, because I know they will and all 4 of them pay attention to pretty much nothing but her the entire time she’s around.  So I know she’ll be in good hands.  But I’m so nervous about something out of their control happening to her – a car accident, a fire, etc.  I can’t just hurry up and drive back to their house since I’ll be several states away.

I know she’ll be okay, but I’m still worried.  And I’ll admit, I shed a few tears when I think about having to say goodbye to her.  I’m blaming that on my pregnancy hormones.  =)

I’m also worried about Vegas.  I’m meeting up with 4 other girls, and I’ll be the only pregnant one, which is fine.  But in the past week or so, my SPD has gotten pretty darn bad.  My pelvic area hurts a LOT.  If I put too much weight on one foot, I get shooting pains down the insides of my legs and up my back, and sometimes it’s so sharp it makes me gasp for breath.  So obviously walking is pretty painful, any kind of stairs hurts whether I go up or down and even rolling over in bed takes effort.  I walk around like I’m 80 years old and I waddle pretty bad since it hurts to walk.  Standing just makes things worse.  So I’m concerned about keeping up with the other girls or even worse, slowing them down.  I’m going to have to take it easier than they might want to, so I might end up spending the majority of my time there alone.  But that’ll be okay as long as I can keep my mind off of Abbie.

I might not do much blogging in the next week, or I might do a ton.  I’m not sure.  But I just wanted to forewarn you!


Chrissy Thomas said...

Have a great time in Vegas!

Uncork and Unwined said...

I hope you have a great time!

Johanna said...

You have to find a chiropractor! I had the same symptoms in my first and second trimester down through my right leg and now it has moved to my left. My chiropractor called it a Sacro-Iliac (SI) Joint Disorder caused by the increased flexibility during pregnancy.

A few adjustments, some stretches and an amazing pelvic belt allowed me to function. It got so bad one day that I literally got stuck on the kitchen floor with Luca standing over me.