Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Over the 4th of July weekend, we took Abbie to her first rodeo.  She’s getting to the age where she’s able to sit and pay attention for longer periods of time and she really enjoyed it.


(Pointing at the hot air balloons.)


Although Abbie loved the rodeo, it was kind of disappointing for the adults.  It was by FAR the slowest moving rodeo I’ve ever been to.  The clown was more annoying than anything and some of his acts were about 15 mins longer than they should have been.  But at least Abbie enjoyed watching him.


There really weren’t many people competing in the rodeo.  There were maybe 3-4 people competing in each event and there were rather large breaks between all the events.  But I had fun messing around with my camera.




calf roping

The kids spent most of the night trying to attack the clown – literally.  It was ridiculous.  He was literally running all over the place trying to escape the kids that were chasing him…


During one of the breaks they had all the kids put one shoe in a pile at the end and then they all went to the other end and had a relay race of finding their shoe in the huge pile and getting back to the clown.


Barrel racing is always one of my favorite events to watch, although some of the riders were a little disappointing.  Half of them came out of the chute at a walk or trot, so they had pretty slow times.



They had all of of the veteran’s and service members stand up at the beginning, which obviously made me think of Mark, so I spent most of the night missing him and wishing he was there with us, but that’s nothing unusual.


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Anonymous said...

WOW! Great pictures :D We went to our first rodeo over this past weekend, and weren't allowed to take pictures during the events... it broke my heart I was so looking forward to catching a few good ones! I love the one of the American flag!