Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fill-in

  1. What is your favorite MilSpouse blog (not including Wife of a Sailor who we all love, or your own)? submitted by Our Crazy Life (Wifey note: whaaaat? You can’t say my blog? No fun! LOL, just kidding)
  2. Honestly, I’m not sure.  I read so many of them, and there are quite a few of my mil-spouse friends that blog.  I like reading them all really.
  3. What are your favorite perks about your s/o being deployed (we all know there are perks)? submitted by Ramblings of a Marine Wife  More room in bed, less laundry, control of the remote.  I guess this time around it’ll be that I get to go back to the States (it’ll have been over a year!!) and spend time with my friends and family back home that I rarely get to see.  I’m excited about that.
  4. How long did you date your <significant other> before getting engaged? Married? submitted by Utterly Chaotic  Well….  I called him my pretend boyfriend from Sept 04 to April 05.  We started dating in May 05, got engaged Feb 06 and married June 06.  So we had a short engagement, but for those 8 months he was my pretend boyfriend, we built a REALLY strong friendship and the rest of our relationship was built on top of that friendship, which is why I feel we have a great relationship.
  5. What do you think your <significant other> would do if s/he wasn’t in the military? submitted by Adventures of M-Squared 
  6. This is my question and I don’t really have an answer for it, which is why I asked it in the first place.  Mark and I talk about what he’d do outside the AF quite a bit, and he really doesn’t know.  He has an electrical engineering background, but he hasn’t used that in 5 years so he’s lost some of that knowledge.  He’s talked quite a bit about teaching, but he’s not sure what.  I think he’s worried that doing anything besides flying fighter jets will be kind of boring, and I guess most things would seem dull after that.  But we have a while to figure it all out.  He still has 7 more years on his commitment.
  7. If you could talk to the Secretary of (fill in your appropriate branch) what is one suggestion you would like to bring to their attention in order to improve the lives of military families?  submitted by My Life as His (Air Force) Wife  I guess I would hesitate to suggest anything because I know I don’t understand the logistics of dealing with the entire Air Force and the costs involved, etc.  I would probably try to bring up some of the things my husband is frustrated by though.


To the Nth said...

Control of the remote is a nice bonus, isn't it? ;-)

My husband isn't a fighter guy, but I think he also wonders if anything will compare to the thrill of landing airplanes on boats for a living. Oh well, we also have quite a stretch left on his aviation commitment before he decides if he wants to remain a Naval Aviator or try something different.

Heidi Smith Luedtke -- LeadingMama said...

Any time someone gives you a chance to speak your mind and make suggestions for improvement, TAKE IT! Don't worry, the Air Force will figure out how much it costs and whether they can outsource it to the lowest bidder. (wink wink)

Angie said...

Hi! Hopping over from the Friday Fill-In linky. Mr. was my pretend boyfriend too and we definitely built that friendship before it became more.