Monday, February 21, 2011

Stuffed animals and market flowers


Every morning when I go in to get Abbie up for the day, she is almost always holding her pony and her puppy.  She sleeps with her pony and her puppy in her arms all the time, while her lion and her lamb sit in the corners of her crib.  One of the mornings Mark was gone I went in to get her and found her like this, with all four of her stuffed animals in her arms.  I thought it was cute so I went and grabbed the camera to show Mark when he got home.


Obviously Abbie still sleeps in a crib.  I’m not sure when she’ll be ready to move up to a toddler bed.  She’s a pretty crazy sleeper and flops all over the place in her sleep.  I’m fairly certain she’d fall out of a bed that didn’t have railings all the way around.  She hasn’t tried to climb out of it yet, which is why I still have her in the crib.  When did you move your kids to a toddler bed?  How do you know when they’re ready?

And here are a few pictures of me with the flowers I bought myself at the market while Mark was gone, and of Brittney and me.


One more picture of Abbie and I waiting in the squadron for Mark to get home.  =)




Elsbit said...

I am digging your brown boots!

I don't remember when we converted the crib, but I think it was kind of early because Ellie is so tall and I was more worried about her climbing out than falling out.

The Pavlik Family said...

We moved Aubrey to her big girl bed ( a cute Little Tikes Twin dollhouse bed) just after her first birthday. ( she received the bed and big girl bedding from my grandmother for her birthday) The reason we moved her at that age was two fold. The first part was that a dear friend of ours who has a little boy who is 4 days older than Aubrey got the notion to try scaling the side of his crib during naptime when we were over to visit one day. He succeeded not only to escape the confines of the crib but also broke his collar bone, left upper arm bone and dislocate his left elbow when he met the floor. Ouch! A few days later, part two and the moment I knew that it was time to move Aub out of the crib was when she was down for an afternoon nap and I was working on washing dishes in the kitchen. Just as I was putting the soap in the dishwasher ( yes I am one of those odd ducks that washes my dishes and THEN puts them in the dishwasher, lol) I heard, "hi mom," from behind me. She had somehow scaled her crib and toddled into the kitchen ( thankfully we lived in a single story apartment at the time!) Once we switched her to the twin bed ( we decided to forgo the toddler bed because we saw it as a waste of money when there are lots of twins that can sit low to the ground and later be adjusted) we picked up two of the bed rails that fold down from the store and she did great. We stuck to our already established nightly routine and only had a wondering problem once. We played up the idea that this was her big girl bed when we put her to bed at night, got her up in the morning time and laid her down for naps in the afternoon.
I know other parents who have kept their kids in cribs until two and half and even three. It all depends on when each child is ready to make the transition. I think the best piece of advice I can offer though, is to stick with your normal routine as much as possible and know that, like potty training, it isn't going to happen in one night. :)

Beckie said...

Awwwww she is too cute!!

LEWilliams said...

What a great picture! You look great!