Sunday, February 13, 2011

Abbie brag

There’s just something about getting compliments from people, especially people that aren’t obligated to say nice things- like family and close friends, about your child.  It just warms my heart and makes me feel so proud when other people notice how special our little girl is.

I went to a dinner this week, and there was childcare provided by the firefighters on base during the dinner.  Abbie went to hang out for a few hours while I got to socialize, which was really great.  Any break you can get is nice when you’re solo parenting and thankfully Abbie is MUCH better about playing and having fun while I’m gone.  There are no more tears when I drop her off and half the time she doesn’t even say goodbye because she’s off doing her own thing already.

I went to pick her up and one of the guys said, “Abbie was my favorite.”  I smiled at him and said she’s my favorite too.  And he said “No seriously, she’s a great little kid.”  It really made my day.

As we were leaving, we walked through a different room and ran into another one of the guys that was watching her.  He said, “Abbie’s leaving?  She was the best one out of all of them.”  I’m not sure what she was doing to schmooze them, but whatever it was, it worked.  I’m fairly sure I practically skipped to the car after that.



Brittney said...

She is pretty darn amazing! You guys do a great job! Smartest little gal I have ever met!

Elsbit said...