Thursday, January 6, 2011

Salzburg’s Christmas market.

This is long overdue…  Sorry about that!

On the way back from Austria (in December) we stopped by Salzburg (the home of Mozart and the Sound of Music).  I only saw a very small portion of it and definitely have plans to visit again, hopefully in the summer, since it’s only 4 hours from us.

Most cities in the Germany/ Austria/ northern Italy area have Christmas markets, and we stopped by Salzburg’s for an hour or two to check it out.  Actually, Salzburg has three Christmas markets, but we only went to one.


Salzburg seems to be a very picturesque place.


Here’s a picture of the Christmas market.  It probably covered at least 2-3 blocks and was really neat to see!


They seemed to sell a little bit of everything.  Here are a few examples:


As I said, I would love to go back to Salzburg when it’s warmer out since I about froze wandering around the market.  I would love to go on the Sound of Music tour and see Mozart’s history, among other things.  It’s definitely on my to-see list!!

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